Arbor Skateboards Presents: The Shakedown in Oregon

Arbor Skateboard team riders Brandon Tissen, Casey Morrow, Jasper Ohlson, Tomio Choy, Tom Flinchbaugh, and KJ Nakanelua, went up to film Jack Boston’s latest video The Shakedown in Oregon.

The crew set out to prove that the Shakedown can ride just about everything. From skating Windell’s to bombing hills, the Shakedown held up in all skate conditions encountered. Enjoy this fun piece and learn why the Shakedown is a team rider favorite.

The Arbor Shakedown is Arbor’s most versatile board designed to be as functional in a skatepark or on a sidewalk as bombing a hill at 40mph. To demonstrate this we assembled a group of our most imaginative and enigmatic team riders (Brandon Tissen, Casey Morrow, Jasper Ohlson, Tomio Choy, Tom Flinchbaugh, and KJ Nakanelua) to put the board through its paces on every piece of terrain they could find. The result is 8 minutes of riding everything from the dreamy concrete of Windells to the chunky debris strewn back roads outside of Portland, all on one piece of equipment.

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Flim: Jack Boston, Casey Morrow, Brandon Tissen, Tom Flinchbaugh
Edit: Jack Boston


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About the Shakedown Series: The Shakedown is a hybrid design for skating everything: street, park, cruiser lines, distance, slopes. The utilitarian shape delivers true versatility with options – size up for speed, down for tricks. Find the right length and wheelbase for your stance, style, or target terrain range.

About Arbor: The Arbor Collective was founded in 1995 and has stayed true to its pursuit of craftsmanship, commitment to the environment, and dedication to the good times that started it all.  For Arbor, it’s been a non-stop journey into shape, material, art, and life lived in the pursuit of skateboarding and snowboarding; a direction defined by a two-decade long partnership with athletes and artists, who share Arbor’s vision for design.

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