Ms. Monthly – What You Miss’d In August

It’s time for another Ms. Monthly! First off, thank you for all your support and readership through the last three months. If you missed May, June, or July‘s recaps, go check them out, they’re full of awesome ladies you don’t want to miss. With that said, it’s been an amazing experience curating the women’s skate scene thus far. Without a doubt, there is a huge wave of momentum for female growth and progression across the globe and this recurring article simply highlights it. Even more, I know that this movement is still just beginning and I’m excited to see what the future brings. Now, let’s see what you miss’d in August.


Yours truly cruising down 5 miles of Oregon freeride goodness. Photo: Carla Javier

Yours truly cruising down 5 miles of Oregon freeride goodness. Photo: Carla Javier


Ishtar Backlund collaborated with up-and-coming Swedish band Tussilago and filmmaker Maceo Frost to create a visual masterpiece. With beautiful cinematography, epic roads, and inspirational commentary this music video is definitely one of the best pieces of longboard media I’ve seen in a while!

There are only a handful of girls I know who have broken the 100 foot slide mark. I accidentally stumbled upon this clip on Youtube of Ohio shredder Jennifer DeMarco and HOLY, I’M STOKED. Where did you come from!?!?

Loving the dance vibes that are coming out of Korea. How can these ladies all be so graceful yet badass at the same time!? Also, can someone take me to dance with them already!?

Moving a little southeast, the LGC Philippines Crew truly embodies what it means to ride and grow together. Check out their weekend adventures as they progress and tackle their local runs!

Finally this month’s throwback video is a special one. Precisely three years ago, Alicia Fillback, Carmen Shafer and I met for the first time and collaborated with Jon Huey to film an awesome do-everything video. Hopefully this video still has the ability to get you stoked and out skating!


Central Mass 6 was yet again a huge hit! Emily Pross took first in the women’s downhill division while Micaela Wilson took first in the slide jam. On the other side of the country, the 5th annual Cathlamet Downhill Corral went down from August 21-23. The town of Cathlamet was super stoked on female skating and ended up raising a whopping $1600 for the women’s prize purse. In boardercross, Carmen Shafer took first, Alicia Fillback came second, and Carly Bizama rounded out third. In racing, Alicia defended her win from last year, Carmen Shafer took second, and Amie Sheppard took third!

Alicia hitting the kicker followed closely by Carmen. Photo: Daniel Herrera

Alicia hitting the kicker followed closely by Carmen. Photo: Daniel Herrera

Maga McWhinnie and her partner Rob hosted yet another ‘No Paws Down’ stand-up race at KnK in Slovenia. Lauris Guancha Rodriguez showed out for the ladies and handled the 80km/hr top-speed track with stand-up style and grace!

In IDF news, Gravity Fest X in Munnsville, New York brought out much of the east coast US and Canadian scenes. New Jersey native Emily Pross took first, with French-Canadians Cassandra Duchesne and Kalie Racine taking second and third respectively. One week later, the Verdicchio Race in Poggiocuphro, Italy went down. This fast and technical track that starts from a castle (!!) saw French shredders Lyde Begue and Marie Bougourd take first and second, and L.A native Rachel Bagels take third!

As of the end of August, the IDF standings are as follows:
1st: Emily Pross (5261 points)
2nd: Marie Bougourd (5037 points)
3rd: Cassandra Duchesne (4894 points)


August was definitely the month of freerides with KnK (Slovenia), Maryhill (USA), Mt. Burke (USA), Tregaron (UK), Izdebki Camp (Poland) Bela Joyride (Austria), and more all happening!! Can we please take a moment to appreciate and drool over how epic some of these roads are…

The Maryhill Save The Wolfe Freeride (formerly the Maryhill She-Ride) saw over 40 ladies come together and go fast. Most notably, there were two vans full of lady shredders toured their way towards Maryhill. Landyachtz filled their van with BC shredders, while another crew called ‘Girls Gone Fast‘ made their way from Los Angeles. Keep an eye out for follow-up media to drop from Girls Gone Fast – @girlsgonefast. Also be sure to check out the Girl is not a 4 Letter Word coverage thanks to Cindy Whitehead.

Ready to go fast at the top of Mary!

Ready to go fast at the top of Mary!

Grrrls* is hosting a Girl’s SkateFest in Bielefield, Germany from September 11-13. That same weekend, the Toronto Boardmeeting will be going down! With over 1000 participants annually, and about 10% of them being female, you can expect to see a solid amount of ladies cruising through Toronto next month!

In publication news, Lyndsay MacLaren is taking part in a new female magazine project called ‘The Free Life‘. Maria Ardnt is putting the finishing touches on her female magazine project S’Pin. Exciting stuff!


The Spanish female scene is blowing up and the skate collective Forgotten Island is there to capture its progression!

Gabi Mazetto from Brazil is seriously pushing the level of female street skating in her latest mini-part! Give her immaculate style a peep!

Leticia Bufoni returns for episode 4 of PUSH on The Berrics. Those gaps and rails she’s hitting…. gnarly!

Finally, Skate Like A Girl knows what’s up when it comes to community building and growing the sport in a positive manner. Check out their summer camp recap with good vibes all-around.


I know, I know. I probably missed a million and one things. Leave a comment below so that I don’t miss things next time around! Or email me – MissMonthly@skateslate.com.