omen hauls ass part deux

Omen Hauls Ass to Central Mass – Part Deux

Omen Longboards spent much of the summer season on the road from Washington to Central Mass and back on the #OmenHaulsAssToCenMass tour. Nate Blackburn, Morgan Owens, and Jon Slugg made it their mission to take their ruckus mobile (in the #mobilerukus) and bring it skaters where they lived for some fun and kookiness. We last checked in with Nate and crew on the way to Central Mass 6, now we’ve caught up with them back home, reflecting on the second half of the trip.

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Hey Nate, stoked to see you at the Maryhill Freeride-Sheride buddy. For how long you’ve been on the road, for the #Omenhaulsasstocenmass trip you didn’t smell so bad and were generally clean shaved?! What’s with the corpo living? Can’t get down with your man scent?

Are you hitting on me Les? Its ok if you are, I dont mind. But seriously, the road is a rough place, and I like to bring a certain level of cleanliness to roadtrips because it is very easy to go down the slippery slope of immediately looking like a “degenerate.” Also, it is really easy to get hookups, handouts, and free advice when you look a little more responsible! Dont worry though I am still a dirt bag on the inside.

After Hauling Ass, how was Central Mass?

It was great, good times, good homies, lots of big names I didn’t expect to see, as well as lots of great unknown skaters. But, the slide jam should be renamed Brickfest. For 5 hours straight I watched a grotesque fall every minute! That is 300 gnarly falls I got to see, so… I loved the event!

Steven Vera on a one way ticket to brick city.

Steven Vera on a one way ticket to brick city.

What made Central Mass standout from other events you’ve been too?

Well, Central Mass 6 was awesome, one of the best run and best attended events I have been to! I attribute that entirely to Mike Girard and his diligent volunteers!
Cenmass is much different than a west coast style event, and the hunger is more evident on the East Coast, kids are pushing themselves way harder than I have been seeing on the west coast, way more techy stuff. The kids are learning gangster stunts instead of filming midsy raw runs and I was stoked to see the progression on the Beast Coast!


Be sure to check Aero.Media’s Central Mass 6 coverage here.

So after Central Mass, I see you made it back to the West Coast, but what was the route? Did you have to haul ass back or was it more casual?

The trip back was substantially shorter then going to Boston. We drove to Boston in about 19 days, but we drove back to Seattle in 4, so 16 hour drive after Cenmass on Sunday, 16 hour drive Monday to be in Kansas City to stop at Burning Spider Stoke Company and skate the gnarliest stuff on the tour. 13 hour drive Tuesday to Denver and we stopped at Boardlife. 18 hour drive Wednesday and we ended up at Boardroom and skated huge mountains in Boise, Idaho, and a 8 hour drive Thursday to be at Maryhill by Friday to lift hay bails for the Wolf Family Freeride.

Screen shot 2015-08-28 at 10.05.04 AM

Check the Omen blog for more detailed road reports.

So in the end, what are all the States (Provinces) you visited and and how many miles did you drive?

Started in Washington, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennslyvania, New York, Ontario, Québec, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington. Altogether it was a Grand Total of 10,481 miles driven in the van and a lot of extra miles put on the skateboards.

Was it worth it?

Does the Tin Man have a Sheet Metal Cock… (can I say that?)

The trip was worth it 100%, but next time I will bring hammocks and rock some Flatspot U-haul Hammock Steeze, also I have a train horn and an external Loudspeaker for the #mobileruckus now… so I cannot wait to get back on the road!

When you heading out next?

I would do it again right now if I could, but I have some adult things to attend to, not to mention all of the things that get postponed when you are on the road. Hopefully I can sneak away for a few days and get to Board Meeting in Toronto on September 11, that would be the real treat!

It seems like you picked up some hitchhikers on the road too? On the way out you had Morgan Owens and John Slugg, coming back you had a bunch of people

Well we picked up Chris Birch once we got to Massachusetts, and we adopted him and Brandon Desjarlais for the entirety of Cenmass along with Nick Pappas. Once Cenmass was over though, we dropped all those homies, and grabbed Skate[Slate] cover model Levi Green and cinematic genius Wesley Eldridge of Aero.Media for the drive back to Washington. Technically though, John Slugg was the first hitchhiker because we had already started the trip on day 1, we called Sluggybear to ask if he wanted to get in the van and within 15 minutes he had agreed to jump in the van for 29 days! That dude was the crazy glue that held the trip together!

Was it better or worse with more people in the #mobileruckus van?

Way better, tons of new life, some funny ass jokes, Wesley and his sexy accent, and Levi and his Staphole. (Asshole full of staph) Plus I have known Levi and Wesley before this because they have stayed with me before at the OHEF TV house in Washington.

I broke Morgan off at Maryhill, sorry, but it seems like he crushed it on the road with you and now he’s team manager?!

Yeah, Morgan is a durable guy, I ran his foot over and barely flinched. But, the reason he is the new Team Manager is because he is a killer skater with good intentions which is more than can be said for me sometimes. Plus with the Team in his hands it allows me to plan more trips. He drank a Yerba Matte and seems to be back at 100%.

Well congrats to you and to him. Hopefully he heals up and can use two hands to service you again soon! How are your injuries? All good after so many days on the road? I hear blue balls can be debilitating?

Blue balls are incredibly destructive, but we were all in the same boat, and some of the boys found Tinder pretty amusing, #swiperight. Besides the 5 dislocated shoulders, bruised ribs, a headbutt to a fire hydrant, and a horribly failed hippy jump I am back to normal-ish.

You hauled ass and are back home, so what’s next for the Omen team? Hopefully we can do some damage at Board Meeting together in September!?

Les, the last time we did real damage, I ended up with a pop-up tent locked to my car and you didn’t sleep for 4 days. What do you think is going to happen in the metropolis of Toronto! We’ll see. The next thing for the team is a film trip for the 2015 Omen compilation movie, and some new product testing, along with a seminar about how to hashtag.

Any thing I’m missing here? Final words of wisdom from the Haul Ass trip?

Here’s 5 tips of non-functional advice for making it in the skate life:
1. No one is rich, your favorite skater is broke and probably homeless, and being a Pro means working 80 hours a week and getting paid 3 bucks an hour to do so.
2. If you spill a beverage and don’t drink it out of your shoe; no one likes you.
3. MIDS FOR LIFE!!! Midsbop, midsbars, cenmids, midslids, if you don’t know, you should find out.
4. Don’t half ass 2 things, Whole ass 1 thing!
5. Jesus take the wheel, is an acceptable time schedule for a skate trip over 5 days.

Check Out Omen’s in-depth reports on their shenanigans from the trip on the their blog – hereherehere or just got to yourself and muck about.

Thanks Nate! Love you. Mean it!