Getting To Know Guto: Welcome to Sk8trip

Sk8Trip has added another versatile longboard vert and park skater to their team – Guto Lamera! Guto doesn’t just skate a big board, Guto will proudly tell you, “I’m a longboarder,” and he’s known for shredding a longboard. While most are ripping something closer to 30″, Guto kills it on a 44” deck with style and flow. Not unlike his Abec 11 teammate Tibs Parise, he makes thrashing around on a 40 plus inch deck look easy and there are no apologies for liking what he likes or for doing what he does. You can tell by the smile on his face that he’s having fun. We got in touch with Guto to find out more about his skating and on joining JET decks, Abec 11 wheels, and Liquid trucks.

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Hey Guto, please tell us a bit more about you? 

I’m from Brasilia the capital of Brazil and I’ve been skating for long time!

Is skating your full-time or do you have a life off your board?

I think everybody has a life of the board! I own a video and photo company ( and I usually work with skate and action sports.

You’re style is more street, but you identify as a longboarder? Why do you ride a big board? Have you always been riding long?

I started skateboarding with a regular size board, but I have a lot friends that ride a longboard and one day a very good friend of mine “pau-pau” introduced me to the big board. After that day I star to play around with the big boards and began to figure out some tricks on it.


Do you usually skate one setup or do you mix it up and ride lots of boards? What is your favourite setup right now?

I like skateboard and I can skate any board! But I love my setup, the 44” longboard that make me feel more confortable with tricks and flow. I prefer big wheels base.

You’ve just joined Sk8trip, a legendary brand with some serious roots, what makes this the right home for you?

I came from a very roots brand, so couldn’t ride for some one that is only on the business for money. I think sk8trip has history that everyone needs to respect. They have strongly influenced the current skate scenery nowadays.


Abec 11 has some serious Brazilians on the team like Dalua and Sergio, what is it about Brazil that creates such great skaters?

I think what make the Brazilians a good skaters it’s the love and passion they have for the skateboard. They believe and they dedicate time and hardworking for it.

You will also be on a team with Tibs Parise now, both of you rocking huge decks, have you skated with him much before?

Yeah Tibs is a great guy and we always skate together for ourselves regardless of riding for different brands before. For us it just about to have fun and play around with our friends.

You filmed this part with Alfuso film right? How was getting to work with Mike? Was it difficult to shoot this part with his fancy camera work or were you able to just keep it raw and skate?

Alfuso is a very talent guy. It was easy to get some work done with him. I work with a video production too and it always nice to exchange expirence with a friend.
Thanks Mike! The video looks sick and I’m very stoked on it!


Summer is starting to wind down on in North America, even though it’s always sunny in California. You’ve already left though right? You’re in Bali right now? What’s happening there?

Yeah I’m traveling around Indonesia! Big waves are happening here. I took a month off and came to learn a little bit more of the Asia continent. Surfing everyday, eating some diferents foods, getting a lot of massages he he he, and getting a dose of Indonesian culture are part of what I have been experiencing during this trip.

What’s next for you? Planning another video part?

Yeah for sure! The video that came out it was just a welcome for Abec 11 and Jet boards. We did everything in a few days. When you build a video part, it takes at least a year to get good results. Like new tricks, new places. So yes, I’m already working in a new video part something gnarly.

Thank’s for taking time from beautiful Bali to chat with me. Anything you want to say? Now’s your opportunity.

Just a big thanks for Chris Chaput and Brad Teschner for keep the dream alive and a big thanks for Michael Bream and Kevin Kennedy to believe on me longtime ago! Thats the good think about Skateboard give you good friends! Friends it’s way more important that money, fame or likes and followers.