Landyachtz Fantasy Downhill Skateboarding Challenge


The Whistler Longboard Festival presented by Landyachtz Longboards is coming up this weekend in British Columbia. To make downhill skateboarding even more exciting for race fans Landyachtz Longboards has created a fantasy league. Now you can create your very own downhill dream team and cheer on your favorite riders. If your fantasy team wins then you will win a stacked prize pack provided by Landyachtz. Don’t worry though, Second and Third will also win a sick prize pack. So here’s how it works:


  • Create your team by choosing 2 riders from each group A,B,C,D and E for a total of 10 riders on your team.
  • Your riders will receive points based on where they finish in each heat and points increase in each round.
  • The contestant with the team that has the most total points at the end of the race wins a kick ass Prize pack.
  • In the event of a Tie we will choose the contestant who made their picks first…So get them in right away!
  • Points will be updated after each heat so follow along and see how your team is doing against your friends and all the other contestants.
  • Share this with your friends and get your own side pools going for even more excitement on race day.
  • See scoring details at the bottom




Head to Landyachtz Fantasy Downhill Skateboarding Challenge micro site here to enter the contest, get the rules and all the details: http://landyachtz.com/fantasydhchallenge