Skate Invasion: The 13th Annual Toronto Board Meeting Weekend

Since 2003 the Ontario community has hosted the The Toronto Board Meeting. This year we were stoke on lucky number 13! What first started with 40 people and a push through the city. Has now consecutively brought 1000+ people from all over the world for three days of free skating in the city. This year we even brought people as far as Japan! What started out as simple dream from Board Meetings creator Benjamin Jordan is now the dreams of many. As the many rest their heads down to sleep at night. They will forever here the chants of Board Meeting drumming on our souls. Bringing Joy to the young, old, middle, man, woman and even puppy!! BOOOOOOOOOOARD MEEEEETING!!!!!


150 stoked people from all around the world ready to shred garages!

Day 1:
Rain rain rain go away! If it was any other day we would not want to skate board. This did not crush the spirits of 150 people who showed up to old school night shred aka osns for Board Meeting weekend carnage! This was the largest Old school night shred we have ever had and probably one of the most fun.  Board Meeting weekend brings the best out of everyone.


Miz Molly Shredding with Osns and Board Meeting creator Benjamin Jordan


Liam Mckenzie was nothing but Bizznasss all weekend.

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Dexter Manning Never misses a Board Meeting!


The streets of Toronto being flooded with riders.

Day 2:
13 years ago Benjamin Jordan and I committed to going to Board Meeting rain, shine, fire from the sky and if no one showed up we’d skate it alone! Lucky for us 40 people showed up and every year after that it seemed to double. Now we stick to the comfortable number of 800 – 1000 people and we don’t worry about numbers anymore. We worry about the quality of people!! People who care about bringing joy to the world. This year we had quality!!! WHO BROUGHT THE STOKE!!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO BROUGHT THE POWER OF LOVE!!!!!


We’re off on the drop!!


Sector 9 Canada killed the hill and the party.


World wide invasion, Japan, Montreal, Van City and beyond!!!


John Barnets stoke face game is strong.




LENGENDS!!! Benjamin Jordan and Adam Colton pushing through the Toronto Streets.

Learn more about the roots of the Board Meeting in my post earlier this year on Ontario, Board Meeting and How to Be a Skate Invader! (Link Here)


Longboard Havens Rob Sydia and Smooth Chicken making it to the end.


1000 of our closets friends. Thanks for the stoke world everyone!

Many more photo’s please click here

Day 3:
After a crazy night at the Sector 9 after party and club 54 the traditional slacker slide jam Slide Fu is hosted at the Toronto’s chunderiest fun time hill the poop chute. The rain did not stay away this year and it poured all day long. 50 people still gave zero f@#ks about the wet and shredded there hearts out till the sun dropped. Gnarly fun good times!! Thank you so much everyone for waking up!!


Bombora Boards Brady Brown all smiles when flying down hill.

You should definitely find out more about Ontario’s Brady Brown if you don’t know him. I was fortunate enough to interview him not long ago. (Link Here)


Half man, Half Kangaroo David Jackson warning us that the poop is slippery when wet.


Nothing stops Comet Skateboards Tim Smith from shredding.


Loaded Boards Adam S and Adam C having an above average time dreaming of sleep meeting.

Thank you everyone who made it out the 13th Annual Board Meeting! I’ve learned my lesson that pushing down the street is dangerous! I managed to limp myself through all 3 days of carnage! Thank you everyone who did not fear the rain brought the stoke of 1 million people into our hearts. Every year it’s the second Saturday in September. Can’t wait to see the world in our amazing city once again, September 10, 2016!

There’s much more video media still to come and even a full length documentary about the Toronto Board Meeting and 13 years of stoke. Keep skate invading the planet friends and I’ll be back to keep you updated!


Hey there! Thanks for another great year!

Big shout outs to our sponsors Sector 9 Canada, Loaded Boards, Comet Skate Boards, Landyachtz, Switchback Longboards, Longboard Haven, Rayne, Orangatang, Restless boards, Frenique, Roarockit, Ontario Longboarding, The Escarpment Surfers and Skate Invaders crew.