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MuirSkate – Skate The States Tour 2015

MuirSkate – Skate The States Tour 2015 is on! The homies at Muir Skate have announced they will be headed out on a road trip across the USA. Fans have been asking for it and now they’re going to deliver! Officially named: “The 2015 Campaign Tour, Skate the States”. Muir Skate and a group of riders and rad people will be stopping at scheduled events along the way. The scheduled events will be a mix of sanctioned races and local skate sessions set up with various skating communities.

Throughout the trip, they will be compiling footage and promoting Muirskate and the brands that they carry! Derek Smith and Joe Gutkowski, Muir Skate’s media crew, will be behind the cameras as they pass through each state and they will be releasing their edits throughout the tour. Can’t make it to a stop? Be sure to follow along at home on the MuirSkate youtube channel.



Tour Breakdown:
The tour will be composed of three legs and each will be approximately ten days in duration. The complete tour will last about one month. Peep the map which illustrates approximately where the Muircedes will be at certain dates during the Skate the States Tour. All updates will also be getting sent to Instragam and Facebook along the way.

Tour legs:
1st leg: Sept 25-Oct 8 San Diego to Orlando
2nd leg: Oct 8 – Oct 18 Orlando to New York
3rd Leg: Oct 16 through the end of October (over laps with the 2nd leg) from New York back to San Francisco and home to SD.


Southern Wing – Coming at you right now!

Tour Facebook Page:
Muir Skate Facebook Page:
Muir Skate Instagram:  / #muirskatethestatestour

Skate[Slate] will have at least one crew member joining a leg of the tour as well, so stay tuned here at Skate[Slate].com for our updates as well!