Skate Invasion: Toronto Board Meeting 2015 Videos

The 13 Annual Toronto Board Meeting was a rain or shine event! Unfortunately 75% of the weekend was rain. I wanted to take step back from working on too much video work this year. I didn’t want to find my trying to be a jack of all trades master of none. I set up a team videographers to work on full length documentary and I also gave the Skate Invader Team a gopro to get into the action. It’s going to take a while to string together the documentary so to satisfy the skaters I made a series of video’s taken through the epic weekend with a raw and dirty skater point of view. Two of the video are even soundtracked by fellow Ontario skater My Mysterious Friend. Big thanks to Smooth Chicken, Shawn Prier, Eric Mroz, Morrah Cameron and Matt King for getting deep into the action (sometimes too deep).

Video 1: Skate Invaders x Toronto Board Meeting // Old School Night Shred

150 People getting wild in the rainy streets!! Mall rides, angry security guards, wet falls and city ripping. Dirty gopro crashes and bangs that will make you want to go out and skate.


David Jackson and Alex Megit having some car hole fun times.

Video 2: Skate Invaders x Escarpment Surfers // The Toronto Board Meeting 2015 // Raw Lines and Clips

Random clips from my camera and Shawn P drafting the escarpment surfers Matt King down Toronto Board Meetings main hill. Raw, dirty and fun adventures through streets of Toronto.


Cam Brick stoke on magicaly finding himself at Toronto Board Meeting. 100% stoke 110% of the time.

Video 3: Skate Invaders x Toronto Board Meeting // Slide Fu 2015


Matt King aka The Real Matt K couldn’t care less about the rain and destoyed longest wet slide.

Thank you to everyone who supported the 2015 Toronto Board Meeting!! Big shout outs to our sponsors Sector 9 Canada, Loaded Boards, Comet Skate Boards, Landyachtz, Switchback Longboards, Longboard Haven, Rayne, Orangatang, Restless boards, Frenique, Zero Fucks Bolt Company, Roarockit, Ontario Longboarding, The Escarpment Surfers and Skate Invaders crew.

DO NOT MISS NEXT YEAR!! Event page already up: September 10, 2016


When Shawn P wasn’t filming for Nuss he was getting down and funky on the hill.