Maryhill Festival of Speed 2015 – Exclusive Photo Album

Maryhill Festival of Speed is all about 5 days in the hot sun, countless hours of freeriding, games, mini-ramp skating, and tight racing. It’s definitely worth the experience, especially if you’ve never been. I’m presenting this extensive photo album of the 2015 Maryhill Festival of Speed IDF event. Take the trip, enjoy the ride.

Maryhill Festival of Speed 2015

If you can’t tuck for long periods of time, you can’t hang. The hill is perfectly cut into the hillside with a consistent grade and banked corners that allow racers to tuck through corners rather than drift. In blistering heat of up to 41 C (106 F), 166 riders fought through two 96-person brackets for the final 48 spots in the open finals bracket. The top qualifiers were Kevin Reimer in Open’s, Emily Pross in Women’s, And Mikel Echegary Diez in Street Luge and Classic Luge.

Race day was exciting. Six person heats make things more interesting to watch. Young Canadian Alex Charleson blew away the competition. He always arrived in 1st place, and that, with a huge lead in every single one of his heats. Throughout the race there was delays and racers feared the forecast of rain in the afternoon. Calvin Staub was involved in accident that resulted in necessary medical attention, as was Rachel “Bagels” Bruskoff. Also, the usual consistent Maryhill protests kept things moving at a slower pace as well. Despite the slowed pace, racing was incredible throughout the day.

The open finals included Kevin Reimer, Spencer Smith, Brendan Davidson, Alex Charleson, Patrick Switzer, & Zak Maytum. Kevin Reimer advanced into the lead off the push start. Zak passes Kevin coming out of the “backbreaker” turn. Zak leads from “spaghetti” until the exit of “cowzers” (last right turn). Alex Charleson makes the pass but leaves an opening on the inside into ronin left (last left turn) that Maytum capitalizes on. Out of the left, Alex Charleson has good exit speed thanks to a bump from Kevin Reimer. Zak Maytum turns left into Charleson, shutting down any pass Charleson could get on the straight. Zak filmed the whole run with his Go pro strapped to his board.
There was a video of the finals that was circulated pretty shortly after the event. It was an instant controversy at the finish line. Everyone was reviewing videos and photos and the top players were pleading their cases. In the end, Zak was decidedly the winner. But, was Spencer Smith supposed to get third place because of the push Kevin gave? IDF Rules…but Spencer never spoke up about it. Emily Pross dominated the Women’s division, Alex Charleson the Junior’s, and Mikel Echegary Diez the Street Luge and Classic Luge division.

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