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Riley Harris Out For a Rip at the Texas Patriot

Riley Harris headed to Texas to hang with homies Team No Bull and the Austin Longboarding Club while getting out to skate and explore the community down south of his Canadian home. Riley sent us this update from his adventures and the Ocho Patriot Race. Riley is supported by Landyachtz, Hawgs, Bear, and EDGE Boardshop.

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One week before the Pikes Peak World Cup I was invited to attend a classic Texas downhill event in its eighth year: The Patriot.

Like every other trip I stayed up way too late (partying) and got up way too gosh darn early to catch a bus to the airport. Next stop: Austin Texas.


2015 has been the year of flight delays. No matter the flight, no matter the airline, I have no luck this year. This time, the pilots straight up didn’t show up. 2 hours of sitting inside a sardine can on the runway. Oh did I mention the air conditioning was broken? Fun stuff. I’m not complaining, air travel is still a miracle of nature.

In the end I made my connecting flight in Houston with almost no time to spare. For the record, I will only ever skate through airport terminals, never walk, from now on. Those smooth floors…

Colleen, Bree, and my Landyachtz teammate Josh ‘Wild’ Wright met me at the airport. Boy was it ever hot and muggy, even for 10:30pm.


As I mentioned, I came all the way out here to attend a downhill and long distance pump style event hosted by the Austin Longboard Club, NoBull Longboarding, and Carve Skate Shop. It was called “The Ocho” at the Patriot.


In true Texas style, registration took place at a barbecue joint. I won’t bore you with a photo of the registration lineup though. However, I will show you their sarcastic motto:


The event was very interesting. Never had I experienced the culture of a long-distance pumping style event. The track was very curvey, just shy of enough grade, where pumping did offer an advantage. Knowing race lines and quickly figuring out how to pump effectively helped me out big time.

Ryan Richbourg snapped some cool photos from the event, all photo credit goes to him.

At the end of the day the podiums went as such:

Long distance pump race junior class:
Luiz Hernandez first


Long distance pump race women’s class:
Bryanne Harris first
Colleen Daugherty second
Casey Moon third


Long distance pump race open class:
Ray Adams first
Scott Sheridan second
Riley Harris third


The event also hosted a quick and technical downhill category. I had the #rileyreels rolling so check the raw video below.

Downhill class podium:
Riley Harris first
Zac sharp second
Josh wright third


Check out the Raw Run from the finals on Facebook!

The day was long and hot so we got cleaned up and treated ourselves to Torchy’s Tacos. Having skipped all major meals the day of the event I forgot to take a picture before beginning my meal, so here’s a shot of my food half eaten. Sorry not sorry if that grosses you out.


Austin is known for being a college city, so with Labor Day Monday the day following this event, we hit the town for some drinks. It was an eventful night to say the least… Most notably, flaming shots at the bar. I’m told these shots are illegal because they cause too many local pubs to burn to the ground. The bartender did it anyway.


After it all I had to nurse my hectic hangover from a big night on “Dirty Sixth” Street in Austin. Huge shoutout to the homies in Texas – Jeff, James, Greg, Scotty, Ray, Zac, Colleen, Bobby, Dustin, Kellee, Will and everyone else I may have missed – Y’all are rad thanks for the hospitality.

I repacked my bags and jumped on a flight to Denver Colorado. The adventure continued…

My boy Garrett Creamer picked me up from the airport. Slick haircut bud!


Unfortunately for you folks I was so caught up in skating epic mountain passes and technical downhill runs that I forgot to continue my travel diary… until next time!