Morro Bay Skateboard Museum Fundraiser

Skateboarding and Longboarding are often debated to be two different things despite their explicit commonalities and heritage. Jack Smith has not only been riding wood and wheels for longer than many of this generations skaters have been alive, he’s unpretentiously experienced the ebbs and flows of the ever changing environment and trends and doesn’t try to segregate them, but rather appreciate it all. Jack doesn’t care what part of the sport you subscribe to, only that you skate. It’s his kind, open and accepting ‘live skateboarding and life to the fullest’ attitude that has pushed him not only in his own skate explorations, but to also help tell the stories of of our collective experience over the years. Jack now dedicates much of his time to collecting and curating the history of skateboarding through the Morro Bay Skateboard Museum and inspiring others to skate as much as possible.


Jack at the Museum. SLO Stoked Photo

Unfortunately, like most things in skateboarding, there are some expenses that come with our passion. The Morro Bay Skateboard Museum does its best, but there are some seasonal issues that come with the territory and over the coming Winter, Jack needs some help keeping the doors open when tourism drops off and has started a Go Fund Me campaign with some nice rewards for supporting. Jack and the Museum are kindly asking for the support of the skate community to help manage these expenses and grow the museum for the future. Please check out the video and the campaign. If you can’t afford to support financially, sharing the information so other have the opportunity to be aware of the Museum is also appreciated.

Our goal with this fund raising effort is to raise enough money to keep the museum open daily throughout the winter months of 2015. That amount is $20,000. Due to the cyclical nature of tourism, we have fewer visitors during the winter months making it difficult to meet expenses, such as rent, utilities and insurance. Your contribution will allow us to meet these expenses as well as expand the museum’s collection of historical skateboarding memorabilia and to offer new and exciting exhibits. – Jack Smith

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*Thanks to Mike Roberts and SLO Stoked for the sending us some photos and supporting this post. SLO also produced the video for the Museum, check out his media!