Ms. Monthly – What You Miss’d In September

September is by far my favorite month of the year. For me, this month represents the beginning and end of so many things. Being the month I was born in, September marks the end of one year of life, and the beginning of the next. It’s also been the month that has marked my last days of summer, and first days of school. For me, it has always been a transient month and a time of year that is filled with excitement and possibility, yet also the yearning of times past.

Similarly, those of us in the northern hemisphere who are transitioning to autumn are left with amazing summer memories full of racing, events and sessions. On the flip side, for our southern hemisphere friends in Australia, the Pacific Islands, South Africa, and parts of South America, spring and summer are just around the corner. With that, I’m excited to cover the ‘rebirth’ of the longboarding landscape over the next couple of months with media, events and racing inevitably becoming more prevalent in the southern hemisphere. Now, here’s what you miss’d in September!


Eider Walls blasting a toeside somewhere in Spain.  Photo: Marta Guillen a.k.a MandarinWalls

Eider Walls blasting a toeside somewhere in Spain. Photo: Marta Guillen a.k.a Mandarin Walls


Kate Voynova out of Russia dropped her second longboarding street part and continues to push the level of female freestyle. Make sure to check out part one too!

Emily Pross and OHEF collaborated earlier this month to bring us a burly raw run out of Seattle. If you’re wondering why Emily is considered one of the fastest women in downhill skateboarding, this video should answer all your questions.

Dress runs are something I’ve seen frequently at events like the Maryhill She-Ride. Jazzy, Lisa, Evi and Mitch take them to the next level during their descent down a fast and technical track in Belgium during the Wallonhill Freeride.

Michelle Jaramillo of LGC Ecuador shows us one of her local runs. South America sure has some amazing roads.

One of my favorite riders, Deborah Keser from Germany, dropped this freestyle and dancing gem. Make sure to check out her unmatched flow and technique!


Lorenza Walker hosted an outlaw race called ‘Ladyballz Battle & Slidejam’ in Oslo, Norway earlier this month. Linn Anderson, Kirsti Henriksen and Cathrine Finsted came first, second, and third respectively. The Loralo Race in Austria took place from September 18-20 with Glori Fizert taking first, Susan Heine second. The Czech Republic National DH competition took place from September 26-28 with Lenna Salacova taking the win. The Santa Gnarbara Outlaw saw Palaxa come first, Caitlin Yong second, and Laura Nocka third.

Norwegian she-redder railing a left! Photo: Cilje Moe

Norwegian she-redder railing a left! Photo: Cilje Moe

In IDF news, ACME Downhill was September 4-6 in Port Jervis, New York. Emily Pross took first, Cassandra Duchesne took second, and Loryn Roberson took third. The next weekend, Pikes Peak hosted by Riviera Skateboards in Colorado. Word is Emily Pross fell on the push leaving Rachel Bagels, Loryn Roberson, and Paloma Dorado to battle for first, second, and third respectively. Finally, the Whistler Longboard Festival wrapped up September 18-20 in British Columbia, Canada. Even with the constant downpour of rain, Emily Pross managed to snag first with Caitlin Yong and Chela Giraldo finishing second and third.

Whistler Longboard Festival Podium

Whistler Longboard Festival Podium

Next month moves racing to South America for the last legs of the IDF circuit. Make sure to check out Lomalinda and Festival de la Bajada in Colombia, Tarma in Peru and 7 Curves in Brazil. For more info o events check the IDF website or head to Freerides.Org for more than just racing.

At the end of September, the IDF standings look as follows:
1st: Emily Pross (5611 points)
2nd: Rachel ‘Bagels’ Bruskoff (5174 points)
3rd: Loryn Roberson (5134 points)


In the world of sponsorship, Emily Pross dropped Original Skateboards and is skating ‘for herself’ – or until next race season starts. Victoria Waddington looks to have created a womens deck with Moonshine MFG and Anna O’Neill switched from long-time sponsor Rayne to Landyachtz.

Hyperlocal events also continue to grow longboard communities, Mari Arndt hosted a Grrrls Skate Fest in Biefield, Germany; Ayumi Oride hosted a girls push event in Saitama, Japan; and The Skate Witches have hosted skate sessions in Barcelona, Spain and Lyon, France. LGC India has also begun to host skate sessions with their local crew ‘Longboard India’. Make sure to check out local events in your area and don’t miss the upcoming the LGC OPEN Premier in London, UK if you can be there!

The amazing turnout for the Grrrls Skate Fest!

The amazing turnout for the Grrrls Skate Fest!

Japan's girls cruise!

Japan’s girls cruise!

In miscellaneous news, Carla Javier broke her ankle on a local run in Oregon and will be out for a bit. Ashley Ward (Australia) and Natalie Berns (Ireland) are touring through the US and Canada in search of the finest roads. Elena Corrigall is back in Canada and back on a board with an appearance at the Maryhill Fall Freeride. Rachel Bruskoff continues her epic journey chasing the IDF circuit to South America. Kika Grezdova from Slovakia took 1st in Open at Czech Republic’s Havlickuvbrod freestyle competition.

Kika Grezdova taking top spot on the podium!

Kika Grezdova taking top spot on the podium!


You probably didn’t miss this but because it’s so flippin’ awesome, the Women’s Skateboard Alliance (WSA) partnered with Street League for a first ever Women’s Division!!!

The line-up for the first ever SLS Women's division!

The line-up for the first ever SLS Women’s division!

Leticia Bufoni had episode 5 of her PUSH series come out on the Berrics. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 will be offering female skaters for play! Amazing!

A digitized Lizzie Armanto in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5!

A digitized Lizzie Armanto in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5!


I know, I know. I probably missed a million and one things. Leave a comment below so that I don’t miss things next time around!