Skate Invasion: Fubu All Girls Longboarding Weekend

Back in 2004 to 2007 the early days of The Toronto Board Meeting and Old School Night Shred (our weekly garage sessions). I was always blown away by the gender neutral approach of the Ontario Longboarding scene. We had a large female scene that was lead by friends like Dasha Kornenko (O.G. Fubu Escarpment surfer), Janelle Le Clair (OSNS co-creator), Aubrey Iwaniw (O.G. Fubu), and Suzanne Nuttall (Super Mellow Beach Cruise) to name few. These ladies and many more were the stoke machines pathing the way for future woman shredders in the Ontario scene. When it was time to skate for fun there was never any competition between genders and these early days of longboarding were some the best times of my life. Over the years people moved away or passions changed and this rad scene of ladies unfortunately dropped in numbers quite a bit.

In 2011 my good friend Cindy Zhou started weekly all girl skates with dreams of skating with other woman. She still had fun skating with her girly dudes but something just wasn’t the same. Where are all the girls who are just like Cindy? I would talk about the girl scene back in the day and Cindy would get a sad look on her face. She decided to get together with Ontario stoke machine Aubrey Iwaniw and Skate Invaders party captain Christina Takaoka to bring back the For You By Us All Girls Race aka FUBU. This time it would a whole weekend event with a sunset push, all skill level slalom, toonie race, and party at club 54 (the local boys skate house) with wine and cheese. A place where they could keep the girls scene alive and bring in new blood. I was dubed an honery girl because of my beautiful blue eyes and the fact I could take a mean photograph. Men were allowed to help but they had let the ladies have their fun first and honor them woman with some old fashioned chivalry and charm. The event was a huge success and for four years now FUBU has pulled in a crowds as large as 40 plus woman from all over the world making it one the world’s largest all girls skates.

Fubu 2013 mini documentary on FUBU weekend

Times have changed quickly and new generation of female longboarders is upon us. Our good friend Cindy Zhou has moved out west and her friend Sisi Zhou has taken the reins of Toronto Girls Longboarding and FUBU. Toronto girls longboarding is killing this year with features in the Toronto Star Newspaper and one of the largest woman turn outs in Toronto Board Meeting history. Everyone’s hard work from over the years is coming alive and next generation is fearless! This year’s Fubu was off the hook and even though it rained a fierce energy of fun and friendship was in the air and vibe sisterhood could not be broken.


The New Generation of Female skaters pushing forward into the further.

DAY 1:

2015 has been the year of it always raining on our parade. I guess you can’t expect sunshine and lollipop in October but this did not discourage 20 plus rad ladies from coming out for a beach cruise. Luckly a parking garage was nearby and security was cool about having the ladies dry off and shred for a little while. That night the ladies killed the party and 4 cops, the landlord and neighbor where almost extreamly stoked on the fun.


Sisi Zhou over the top stoked on how many ladies showed up in the rain.


When some other ladies where parking thier cars for the Taylor Swift concert, these ladies shook it off in the parkades!

DAY 2:

Race day!! After a fun night of new friends, the rain cleared up for a nice windy overcast day on the beach. 30 more ladies showed up for a day of pack runs, beginner and advanced slalom and toonie race. I personally put my dress on in support. My lady character even got a name this year! J. Nuss is now Januss for the day to help spread stoke.


30 plus ladies and one Januss!


Skate Invaders Diane Shaher surfing the wave.


Event organizer Sisi sending it with friends.


Recent mother of one and O.G. Bad ass Aubrey Iwaniw killing the cones.

268 copy

She lived!! Wheel bite sucks.

140 copy

Skate Invaders Czarlene Pontejos is nothing but smiles.


Girls gone fast Loryn Roberson taking the lead over Morrah Jane and Candy Roberts to win the race.


The wind made a great fan for action hair shots this FUBU.


Top Toonie race ladies. Loryn Berson place first, Candy Robot second, and most stoked winner Morrah Jane placed third.

Jonathannuss_2015_fubu_0003 - Copy

Top advanced slalom ladies. Joyce Wheldrake placed first, Miz Molly second and Diane “shotgun” Shaher in third place.


Top beginers slalom. Leslie Pulsifer in first place, Suzanna Nuttall in second place and Melissa Lee in third.

420 - Copy

The final sunset on yet another Fubu come and gone. Big thanks to Sisi Zhou for killing it!

More photos on skate Invader fan page here.

Why should we support women in longboarding you ask? The same reason you should support anyone else who steps on a board. If you are out skating and spreading a rad vibe. You deserve all respect a skate community can offer. I’ve made some amazing friends over the years and will always be better person because of the support these wonderful ladies have given me. Take lead in your community today!

Thanks to all the sponsors: Skate Invaders, Sector 9 Canada, Xs Helmets, Orangatang Wheels, Loaded Boards, Skate Blood Orange, Caliber Trucks, Longboard Haven, Switchback Longboards, Bombora Boards, Zero Fucks Bolt Company,and Landyatchz Longboards.

Thank you to all the ladies and the dudes who’ve support Fubu over the last 4 years. We to keep progressing in the fun.

Please follow Toronto Girls Longboarding here and the wonderful ladies of Girls gone fast

Special thanks to Janet Choi, Diane Shaher, Hannah Winters, Jess Elaiem, Eric Mroz, David Jackson and Rob Sydia for helping with the event.

Special Special thanks to my wife for making sure my wig had such rad braids.