Bonzing Skateboards: Art Opening, MC Cat Board and Wallpaper Wednesday

San Francisco based Bonzing Skateboards is back with another awesome Wallpaper Wednesday update!

Wallpaper Wednesday Photograph:


It is awesome to see Team riders work together. This month Team rider Yvonne Byers captured Team rider Chad Lybrand sliding an epic road deep in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. Chad is riding our most new skateboard the MC Cat Board.

Sharing this photo is easier than ever, attached is an Instagram size and high resolution photograph. The photograph is designed for the background of your pad, pod, phone or computer and is a great way to attract customers to your site.

MC Cat Board Video:

Team rider Michael Carson has shaped and created a timeless downhill top-mount race deck in a classic concave named the MC Cat board and this video highlights everything Mike does with the board!

Bonzing Art Opening:
We are having an art opening on Thursday November 5th from 7-11 at Everyday, 936 Geary St. in San Francisco. The art opening features new works, selected pieces and live music by skateboarders and you are invited!

Bonzing Art Opening 2015