Venom Cobra Core Cannibal Wheels – Official Release

After well over a year of designing, prototyping, and battling manufacturing issues, Venom is proud to finally release Cobra Core Cannibal wheels!

Venom’s design philosophy has always been a focused desire to produce high performance products to meet the needs of our team riders. The Cobra Core is a continuation of that tradition. At 43mm wide and 39mm tall, the fiberglass reinforced Cobra Core provides a considerably more rigid base for the race-proven Cannibal shape, now 2mm wider. The result is a wheel that rolls faster, grips harder, slides smoother, wears more evenly, and brakes more effectively than the original version


“This is really the wheel I always hoped I would get to ride.  I’m still constantly impressed by this wheel’s capability on a wide variety of terrain.” – Zak Maytum

“Everything that was good about the old cannibals—their ability to slide smoothly when fresh and hold a line when broken in, the durability, the roll speed—is noticeably better with the Cobra Core. If you like going fast and raging hills, you’re going to like Cobra Cores.” – Max Dubler

“They’re fuckin’ sweet” – Justin Rolo


Cobra Core Cannibals come packaged with a totally sweet sticker and are available from Full Circle Distribution and wherever finer skate products are sold.

Diameter: 72mm and 76mm
Contact Patch: 60mm and 62mm
Bearing Seat: Slightly Offset
Urethane Formula: Classic Cannibal ‘thane
Durometer: Purple – 76a  Red – 78a  Green – 80a

The all new 72mm Cobra Core Cannibal. #fuckyes. Get the link in our description.

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We have to apologize for the delays, we got them out as soon as they were ready. Trust us, we wanted to take your money just as badly as y’all wanted to ride the wheels.

– Venom