Skate Invasion: Greetings from The Future with Tim Smith

In 2015 Ontario had the most massive exodus of downhill skateboarders to dates. Many familiar faces making changes in their lives or made the big move out west to where the steep roads are plenty and the snow never falls. Winter 2015 was also absolutely brutal and when spring came around to thaw we had no idea who would return to the hills and what to expect. I was left with a salty taste of Onterrible in my mouth and was in need of something fresh myself.

I stayed stoked for our season opener Swapmeet (our local buy, sell and trade at Roarockit). The Skate Invaders were hosting the slide jam and we even had a local park (Skate Loft) open their doors to shred their ramps. That’s when I saw him falling like a meteor from the sky, barreling down the poopchute switch, the future of downhill skateboarding again started looking bright to me again. When we got to the skate park he was flying around with style and grace from frontside ollies to backside disasters, this dude knew how to skate! After Swapmeet photo’s of this mystical character kept popping instagram #timsmithishotrightnow #thefutureofskateboarding #oncredible. This was the positive change in stoke I needed in my life, Ontario doesn’t suck we’re Oncredible! We quickly made friends and then a sponsor me video. Oncredible became what we all needed in 2015. I knew his all around style would fit with Comet Skateboards so I called the homie Mc Lovin and it was like the scene from Back to the future, Mc Lovin its Jon Nuss. You know that new style your looking for? Check this dude out!” I recently sat down with Tim from the future to catch up and find out if Comet Skateboards was the right choice, what planet he actually came from, and why we should do more wrong things.


Tim Smith sassy smile at Toronto Board Meeting 2015.

Greetings Tim Smith, how’s it hanging homie? Tell me a little about the future and where you’re from? What got you into skateboarding?

Pretty good man chillin. I’m 20 years old from small town Bradford, Ontario, Canada. I got into skating when I was younger because my town had an alright street skate scene at the time. I got into downhill a few years ago when a local skateshop opened in Bradford and introduced me to it. Sadley the shop is closed now.

I recently discovered how amazing you were at this years Swap Meet here in Toronto. Since your from the future did you know you’d be blowing us away?

Thanks man much appreciated. No I didn’t.


Tim Smith blowing the durt away like it aint no thang.

You and your squad have been personally held responsible for rebranding Onterrible to Oncredible. What’s this all about? Is this a positive  new swing in the Ontario scene? Or is the like a Michael Jackson thing where good is bad and bad is good?

Well I didn’t come up with Oncredible that was Shawn Preir and I’ve just helped push it. Ya, it’s a new positive spin on things for the Ontario scene (known as Onterrible usually), which probably started out as a Michael Jackson thing way back but now has become a negative way people view Ontario skating. Even though we don’t have all the gnarly runs and roads other places do I feel like there is a lot of sick skating and skaters that live here or started skating here it’s about time we notice how Oncredible it is.


Tim Smith being follow by Oncredible homis Shawn P inventor of Oncredible.


Tim Smith Getting down and funky at The Hoof one of Toronto’s best bowls.

You’re a really good street skater, you like going really fast and you’re king of the sketchy path freeride. Tell us the truth, are you a skateboard cyborg from another planet?

Not sure, I just really like playing skateboards. Skate everyday and have fun doing it.

How do you get away with breaking the street skate rule “thou shall not skateth reverse kingpin trucks” and make it look so good? Should we all just be doing wrong things? Do you have a favorite size board to shred wrong?

Never realized there were any rules. I never let my trucks stop me from shredding something whether it’s a hill or grinding. I like skating both and I wouldn’t be able to pick one. I find all boards fun and like using different wheelbases for different things or for a different challenges.

How did you get so get good at sketchy paths? Is there path so sketchy that even you won’t skate it?

You just gotta send it. I’m always up for the challenge but ya i know of a few I’d like to see someone hit.

Tim Smith’s Sponsor me video where board size ain’t no thang.


Rain or Shine Tim Smith is always down for sketchy path. Seen here in George Town with Matt King and Graham Mundy.


Skate Invaders vs Escarpment Surfers! Tim Smith trying to take out Aaron Thomas in sketchy graveyard race. They both lost!

You got onto Comet Skate boards this year is this a perfect fit for your futuristic no rules style?

I’m super stoked to be riding for such a rad company. The boards are exactly what I like to skate. I like to skate all different wheelbases and sizes and they have a deck for it all! I’ve been having way too much fun with my Comets boards.

How many Skate Invader shirts have you bled through this year? Are they the real secret to you power? Should we be making a road rash resistant shirt?

To many. Correct answer 5. And yes it’s known they add 420% more steeze to every trick. Road rash resistant, yes! I would save a lot of skin.

We just finished making a rad video do you like all the sketchy place I drag you too? should I up my sketchy game for next year?

sketchy is always rad. it’s all about the features. Sometimes sketchy is like landing a trick you risk it if you want the biscuit.


Tim Smith Flying back to his home planet. He sends it alright.


Tim Smith garages with Comet Skateboard team mate Eric Jensen.

Tim Smith first video with Comet Skate Boards filmed by Matt Bo.

What’s your favorite thing to Skate here in Oncredible? Why should people be stoked on the east? You stoked for golf season homie?

For sure. Ya the best things to skate up this way are probably the gnarly paths. There are a few gems that are really fun to skate around the end of the year but I don’t know what you’re talking about. What’s golf?

Ok, I got you homie. I’ll just taps my nose twice and wink. You attended a lot events out here in the east what your favorite? What are the future plans for the future?

My favorite would have to be the Push Culture Family Picnic at Burke Mountain. Burke was sick, burly run and a really well run event with lots of skating I had a blast. My plans for the future is to just skate as much as I can, hit up all the events I can, film some clips and skate.


Tim Smith turns left down in Ithaca, Ny


Tim Smith turning right with the Dab King.


The future is bright.

Who should we be more afraid of? Facebook, Cern, The Illuminati, Aliens from space, or Stephen Harpers hair cut? Future the children need to know!!

Nuss’s mustache just kidding obviously the illuminati. Don’t do what they tell you.

Where we’re going do we really need roads?
Skate everything, have fun doing it and let the world around you inspire.

Thanks man I really dig your skating and your vibes. Thank for making the future bright. Any last shout outs?
The homies, Skateinvaders, Oncredible, Comet Skateboards, Paris truck co.

One more time incase you missed it…