Sloshed in Slovenia: KNK Longboard Camp 2015 Photo Album

With the help of Skate[Slate] and the Vandem Mfg. homies, I was able to make a quick rip to the 2015 KNK Longboard Camp and snag some photos and fun for the Skate [Slate] Magazine Issue 26 article titled: Sloshed in Slovenia. If you have not had a chance to check out the issue (in print or digital download!), please do and be sure to make plans to visit the KNK Longboard Camp in 2016 for an incredible adventure and a seriously endless amount of skating.


Find the full article in Issue 26!

Some killer skating and rowdy celebration went down at this year’s KNK Longboard Camp – where the excellent organization (respect due here to Nadim and amazing friends) and perfection of the road’s 18 hairpins is only matched by the brutality of the liquor on offer afterwards. You’ll have to read the article for my full story, but we figured we would share the experience in photos for all to enjoy.

I present to you a collection of moments I caught in Slovenia whilst hiking the hill during the Red Bull No Paws Down race and enjoying the company of this fine gang of reprobates afterwards.


This really is a great event and because of the duration of each camp (and two of them!), there is plenty of opportunity to make the most of it. While I made it to the Redbull No Paws Down Race, unfortunately my time was limited and I missed the Cult Wheels Single Set Survivor race. There is so much fun to be had a KNK Longboard Camp it’s hard to do it all.

The results from the No Paws Down Race:
1 Ian Freire (Brazil)
2 Dominic Schenk (Switzerland)
3 Thomas Rushovic (South Africa)
4 Rob McWhinnie (Australia)

And the Cult Wheels Single Set Survivor race:
1 Matt Elver (UK)
2 Jan Dederer (Germany)
3 Florian Fellner (Germany)
4 Marc Moreno (Spain)

Congrats to everyone and thanks for a great time in Slovenia!

Editors note: This year, KNK Longboard Camp (Nadim Burkan, Felix Rupitsch, Florian Wagner and Mihael Zadravec) joined forces with Big Mountain Skate. Events under this banner are Bela Joyride, Alpenrauschen, a smaller Loralo and KnK Longboard Camp. Check Big Mountain Skate’s website for more information!