Race to Quali © Big Mountain Skate

Big Mountain Skate: LoRaLo 2015 with Markus Knoblechner

Downhill skateboarding has a long, rich history in Austria. There have been the IGSA World Championships “Hot Heels” in Kaunertal in 2002 and 2003 as a world cup race in Thalgau back in the year 2008 and Alexander “Tiki” Frischauf even hosted an “Austrian Championship Series in 2009/10 called “König der Berge” (engl. King of the Mountains). But for a while now, the Austrian Downhill Scene has had the “LoRaLo-Kartell” straight outta Graz, bringing a lot more skating back to the Austrian hills. Flo Wagner and Felix Rupitsch are mostly the heads behind the crew made up of a bunch of friends, who now refer to themselves as “Big Mountain Skate”.

Big Mountain’s Markus Knoblechner was nice enough to give use the report, but we’re not sure if he remember is all clearly…

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So after LoRaLo 2015 finished and I came back to reality with service on my phone, I noticed a message from Les on Facebook, asking me to do a little write up for for the event. Sure, I’d gladly do it, but where should I start? There may be gaps in my memory! First, I need to back track in my head. Trying to remember what all actually happened between the 16th and 20th of September 2015 is not easy, ’cause a lot of things happened in the no man’s land where the LoRaLo (Longboard Rally Lödersdorf) was hosted for the 4th year. Lödersdorf itself is a little village with 710 inhabitants, who are mostly friendly farmers and like to share their tasty, homemade Kürbiskernöl and Schnapps… and I made sure it was all safe to drink!


Te event opened on a Wednesday and was for most of the riders the arrival day. Setting up tents, having first chats with the Austrian-German-Slovenian downhill family and of course some beer. Oh, and I forgot to mention the miniramp, which the Big Mountain Skate Posse set up for the skaters. The ramp was, besides the bar, probably the most used area before the hill opened for downhill skating on Thursday morning.

Triple Trouble at the Miniramp © Paul Bamberger

Triple Trouble at the Miniramp © Paul Bamberger

After some really delicious scrambled eggs (of course with Kernöl) the local tractor-shuttle service headed up to the starting line for the first run of the day. Freeride Thursday, and yes, after the 15th run or so I stopped counting, because freeriding at LoRaLo really means a lot of runs and tons of close action pack runs. The evening went down really chilled, and after a couple safety meetings and a few beers, everybody was in talking bullshit-and-trash-mode and we had some good laughs.

best Shuttle Service ever © Big Mountain Skate

best Shuttle Service ever © Big Mountain Skate

Saturday was race day! And yes, if you are a really attentive reader you noticed that not much has been said about Friday. To keep things interesting, we had some “one-push-race-to-qualify-heats” on Friday, right before the slopestyle contest took place for the second time in Lödersdorf. Quirin Ilmer won the LoRaLo Open Class for the second time in a row and Gloria “Gitti” Kupsch won both the Ladies and the worst hangover on Sunday.

one push start at Qualiday © Big Mountain Skate

one push start at Qualiday © Big Mountain Skate

Quirin Ilmer leading in the finals © Paul Bamberger_Big Mountain Skate

Quirin Ilmer leading in the finals © Paul Bamberger_Big Mountain Skate

LaRoLo event also hosted a Slopestyle at night. Hell yeah! The floodlight-lit, night Slopestyle this year was a lot of fun and a damn good thing to watch. The Big Mountain Skate Posse invited some Street skaters to come over and also the all-terrain-rippers like Jürgen Gritzner, Benni from Slovenia (Bros before Pros) and Chappy Chapman killed the transitions and banks. But there was one guy who destroyed the Slopestyle contest and claimed a well deserved first place – Matthias aka “the Coach” Mögele slammed out a sick fs180 to 50/50 on the kicker/bank combo which got the crowd rowdy.

Matthias _Coach_ ripping Slopestyle © Big Mountain Skate

Matthias _Coach_ ripping Slopestyle © Big Mountain Skate

The slope style was rowdy for sure, but the “Dead End Friends” who played a badass concert killed it. Then the locals took over the music with their accordion!

the _Dead End Friends_ © Big Mountain Skate

Dead End Friends © Big Mountain Skate

some _local music_ © Big Mountain Skate

Some local music! © Big Mountain Skate

In the end, before the locals of Lödersdorf really reclaimed their peaceful piece of land, we destroyed the Miniramp and did what we can do best besides bombing hills – PARTY!

Please enjoy some additional photos, followed by the results. Thank you Lödersdorf and big shoutout to Big Mountain Skate for yet another rad event and the best ending to yet another great season!

More photos available on Big Mountain Skate’s Facebook page here.


Open Podium © Paul Bamberger_Big Mountain Skate

Open Podium © Paul Bamberger

1 Quirin Ilmer (AUT)
2 Matthias Mögele (AUT)
3 Georg Mekisch (AUT)

1 Gloria Kupsch (AUT/GER)
2 Susan Heine (GER)
3 Corrina Weigl (AUT)

1 Jonas Stein (GER)
2 Janot Just (GER)
3 Anton Gerstmayr (GER)

1 Gerrit Geiger (GER)
2 Alex Frischauf (AUT)
3 Matthias Mögele (AUT)

Matthias Mögele (AUT)

Chappy Chapman (AUT)