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Loaded Asian Tour Skate[Slate] Japan Visit

When Loaded told us that Lotfi Lamaali was coming to Yokohama at the tail end of the Loaded Asian Tour 2015, we were elated.  We hadn’t hung with a skilled step rider like Lotfi before so we were quite curious on how we could help make his trip a memorable one.  20 year resident of Japan, and Loaded Ambasassador Brad Bennett in Toyko was equally thrilled to be able to show the riders hidden gems in dense forests.  The obvious decision was his home away from home, the mountains 90 minutes west of Tokyo.  Almost immediately, the Loaded crew was on route.

Adam Colton was the other rider on the tour. They hit Taipei & Seoul before their final destination, my home, Japan. It wasn’t a coincidence however,  Ayumi Oride lives not too far from me. And Brad, well, his home is downtown Tokyo but more often than not, he’s up in the mountains. His path led him to be an adventure tour guide. His specialty, the mountains! With Brad on your side, trips are smoother than a freshy skate deck. He supplied the google pin and I hopped on the train stoked on fresh mountain air and beautiful rivers.

Tokyo Techno Aerial Photo met us at the spot. It was our first time collaborating and shooting skateboarders going down hills , and it was my first time in a while collaborating with like minded video heads.We are definitely excited to work with these guys again in the near future. Lotfi and Adam rode like the pros they are. With the landscape shots to tell the true story, the people here and everywhere will know exactly just how amazing it actually is.  Link to Tokyo Techno Facebook Page

Day 1 – Freestyle, Dancing & Drones
Words Brad Bennett Racer X, Photos Dan Pape

Pushing in

Adam and Lotfi pushing in.

It was a “Satsuki Bare” day (Sunshine in May) as we woke up to the sounds of birds and the single track of the Ome train line winding through the lush green mountains of Okutama. We met the drone pilots from “Tokyo Techno Aerial Photo Co” and filmed some dancing and free riding near the Tama river at a secret spot where our I had been skating for twenty years. It was a good vibe countryside session and we plan to return here for a Loaded event this year. Adam and Lotfi put on a clinical display of dancing and sliding for more than a few hours. We left the deep Tama river valley for lunch at “Tanzaburo” in a 300 year old farmhouse. The owner, Kurozume-san came out to greet us and the meal was amazing with fresh wild mountain mushroom tempura and handmade Soba. The crew ate everything including the tempura fish heads that Adam and Lotfi did not find exceptional. Dan Pape from SkateSlateJapan was also filming and we’re stoked to see the edit come to life. After, we cruised back to Tokyo heading for Studio C in Sasazuka and the local hot spring bath, Sakae-Yu. Adam and Lotfi looked satisfied reclining way back in the high end massage chairs. It was a full wabi sabi day exploring new roads, old cultures and feeling gravity’s pull…it’s amazing where a Longboard can take you if you let it!

…it’s amazing where a Longboard can take you if you let it! – Brad Racer X

Check out the Freestyle, Dancing & Drones edit thanks to Loaded and Tokyo Technical Arial Photo:

Day 2 – Loaded Event Day
Words and Photos Dan Pape


Solid turn out in Japan for the Loaded Event!

Adam showed interested skaters the basics and Lotfi took the advanced group. Ayumi honed her event coordinating skills, Fifer got the shot, Hood Distribution supplied the lunch & Brad organized some rad photos and the signature session. As usual and riders had fun.  My daughter was stoked on more than a few things. The first being the mini sandwiches and the the 2nd was when Lotfi spontaneous hippy jumped over a board she carrying (see pic).

Once the teaching was done, Lamaali put on a show. I must admit, I am super rookie when it comes to step riding and I left the session with a new found inspiration to the fun that can be had. Besides which, Lotfi the Woodwalker is an amazing skater. For the record, on Friday, he did extremely well going down hills which you’ll see in the video.  Yehaw!  Thanks guys!  Until we meet again!

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