East Coast Crack: Kebbek Skateboards on Crusty Spots

Photographer Alexandre Brault snagged the Skate [Slate] magazine Issue 26 ‘Shutter Speed’ feature with the Kebbek Skateboards team taking on some of the jankier, winter weathered roads found in Quebec, Canada. Get all the details from Kebbek brand manager Joey Bidner and check out team riders Raphael Therrien, Ben Dubreuil, and Tom Wilson shredding their crusty spots.

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Charles Darwin talked about adaptation; how we are molded by our surroundings and built to adapt. Not only is this a survival skill engrained in our DNA, moreover, we are constantly adapting to the terrain made available to skate. Not everybody is privileged enough to ride perfectly paved, beautiful mountain roads. If you’ve ever lived in Eastern North American, you will know that our long harsh winters destroy our roads, forcing us to bomb threw pot holes, frost heaves, and endless chunder, without hesitation.


Raphael Therrien

The element of survival is one that’s engrained in all of us, and when barreling down a fast run and faced with a mine field of chunder, we are put to the edge of excitement, anticipating whether or not we will make it out. This ability to adapt and charge without flinching at pavement quality, is something that is bred in those from the North East.


Ben Dubreuil – McGill Bomb

Ben Dubreuil - Old Montreal

Ben Dubreuil – Old Montreal


Tom Wilson, Ben Dubreuil and Jean Pascal Rockin Rookie

We gathered a few from the Kebbek skate team for a day of ripping through Montreal. With the majority of the team spanning from Quebec to Vermont, they not only handle shit pavement well, but have fun with it. Most of the guys on our team are from the heart of the city, and were not blessed to live near rural mountains, or had a whip to take them there. This forced their creative instincts to kick in and have fun with the urban environment, no matter how disheveled it may be. So next time you are sitting in torment, cursing the heavens for displacing you in an urban environment instead of a mountainous one, remember, you are not alone and many have risen above the anguish through acceptance and a keen sense of skate.


Here is tom Wilson with zero fucks given, charging the dirty.

Quebec is Canada’s oldest province, making it home to some of the gnarliest roads and beautiful architecture. Why not play tourist in our own city? We checked out one of the historic sites here in Montreal. It’s a massive heat score, so don’t get any ideas. We had to get in and get out to skate this heavy hairpin. The blockades made apexing it especially interesting

Tom at Oratory

Tom at Oratory

So pull up your pants and visit the east if you want to experience a raw and gritty skate trip. Attend any of the east coast races and you will get an idea of what we are talking about. Burk is a prime example of east coast conditioning. Killington, King of the Mountain, they all have their share of intense conditions that will send you home with some fresh experience.

Tom Wilson loves getting dirty.

Tom Wilson loves getting dirty.

Many thanks to Alex for his photos, and Joey Bidner and Kebbek Skateboards for all their support!
Alexandre Brault is a Photographer living in Ottawa.
Web: www.thefishbowl.ca
Instagram: @alexandrebrault

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