Boneyard: D-town Throwdown

I think most people in the longboard community (myself included), don’t automatically associate a place like Texas with a thriving downhill community. There aren’t many hills and it is hot as hell during the summer. After a couple visits to the Lone Star State this year, I’m starting to change my opinion on this. While Texas doesn’t have huge crazy roads, they’ve got big parking structures and they sure know how to put on a bangin race!

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While I was up in Canada, my friend Tanner (co-owner of Bombsquad and pinstriper extraordinaire) sent me a message on facebook with this flyer. Since my folks live in the area I figured it’d be a pretty rad trip to hit up DFW for a couple days to visit fam and check out a new race near my hometown.

After landing in Texas we promptly went and got some BBQ. Some people say Spring Creek is overrated but I love it. #hatersgonnahate

After a quick drive around my hometown of Arlington, Texas I found a skatepark that had been built not long ago. This thing is pretty badass. I really wish it was here while I was growing up in the area.

While in the area, Tanner showed me his workshop that’s he’s got behind his house. Pretty much every badass aerolid that is painted by him happens in this shop. Pretty rad to see all the different paints, brushes and various tools he uses to make our helmets look so dope.

Close up pic of his high-end pinstriping brushes and paint of choice.

He also gave me a rundown on how he does various paint jobs too. It was pretty sick to learn more about all the work Tanner puts into his art.

Since I’m a big fan of cemeteries and also a fan of Pantera, I stopped by Dimebag Darrell’s grave while in DFW. RIP Dime.

This squirrel was falling asleep on the fence so I got a pic of it. lol

I put in some time helping out Tanner and his friend Dan get the garage dialed in for the race. Luckily Dan brought his gator our and we were able to use it to get the hay placed along the 13 stories of parking structure we’d be racing. Both these guys put in tons of work to make this event happen. Kudos to them.

The bottom of the race course had us exit out the garage, go across the street, over a ramp and into an adjacent parking lot. Since there was a street sign in the way it had to be “relocated.”

Headquarters for the organizers of the D-town Throwdown.

Here’s the race course! 13 floors of smooth and steep concrete.

This view from the top of the garage shows the vert ramp, mini ramp, take off and landing or the moto-x guys and also the table top jump that was the finish for the downhill race.

This view from the top shows the stage where bands were playing, the street course, the beer garden and BBQ stand. Needless to say, this event was LEGIT. #everythingisbiggerintexas

Tanner had rockstar parking.

I wish I had some wax and time to skate this thing.

They had a pretty rad camera set up which showed skating from all the different events on a jumbo-tron. Next year they plan to have live feed showing the racing from top-to-bottom.

Riders meeting explaining how the it’s goin down.

Topo Chico is like the Mexican version of Perrier. It is my new favorite sparkling water.

One thing that was especially cool about this event (for me) was having my mom, grandpa and grandma come check out the race. My grandparents are both in their 90’s and have never seen a skateboard race before. Definitely more encouragement to bust ass and try to win the race.

At the top of the garage was the Skaterbird sculpture. This caught most of the locals off-guard because it just showed up randomly. The DFW crew has been hitting this garage for almost 10 years (avoiding security most the time) and now there is an official race there along with a giants skateboard sculpture at the top. Time are changing…

Red, white and blue? I’ll poo in you.

BBQ 4 lyfe.

The moto-x guys had their jump set up over the finish line of the downhill race. Kinda rad to see these guys going big right over the top of us.

I got to see Jimmy Wilkins skate in the vert comp. This guy is burly.

After many rounds of racing we ran the finals and I managed to come out victorious. Honestly, I really didn’t expect to win. They Texas guys know how to skate a garage better than just about any downhill skater. I got lucky this time but the next race will probably be a different story. (Greg Noble picture)

The novelty check was so big that American Airline wanted to charge me $225 to fly with it. So I decided it’d be best if my folks hold onto it for a little while.

Race was finished but the work is never done for the hay crew. Luckily Tanner, Dan and I had a few other guys helping us out so the clean up went quickly. Thanks to all the guys that helped buck some hay bales.

Post-race dinner. Keepin’ it classy.

The day after the race I decided to celebrate by checking out a pioneer cemetery with the family. Typical taphophile stuff.

Thanks to Tanner and the Bombsquad crew for putting in the legwork to get this race going. Thanks to Mark (D-town Throwdown organizer) for including a DH race this year and thanks to Greg Noble for helping run the show. Stoked that this is gonna become a yearly thing and you know I’ll be back next year.