Sector 9 Downhill Division Product Guide: The Javelin

The Sector 9 Javelin has four plies of triaxial fiberglass that sandwich 3 thick plies of maple, making it quite rigid and resistant to torsional flex, while maintaining the all important dampening and feel of a traditional wood board. The construction has also been tested to be quite durable through countless hours of riding, being run over by cars and absorbing shells from a shotgun without failure… literally!

Watch the Downhill Division’s AJ Haiby push this board to its limits. AJ is no stranger to high speeds!

4 Ply Triaxial Fiberglass
3 Ply 0.125″ Maple
CNC Wheel Wells
Football Taco Mold

37.0″ Length
9.75″ Width
25.5″ – 29.25″ Wheelbase

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