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I’m officially six months into this writing journey and all I can say is thank you. Thank you to every body who loves longboarding and expresses it in one form or another. Whether it’s through capturing media, organizing events, creating new equipment, or simply going out and skating as often as possible, you are what keeps myself and Skate[Slate] going! You spark creativity, get us stoked, and continuously challenge us to find new ways to connect skaters around the world through the power of media. I hope that some of what’s curated this month will resonate with you so that you can continue to do your thing, and the circle of inspiration can continue.

This month if you make it to the end of the post, there’s a special giveaway thanks to G-Form and Skate[Slate]. Now without further ado, check out what you miss’d in October!


Ok, so it’s technically a screen shot.. but this was by far the best thing I saw all month. Congratulations to Emma Daigle and Matt Kienzle on their mid-run engagement! #relationshipgoals If you haven’t seen the whole clip, watch it now!

Put a ring on it!

Put a ring on it!


Orangatang Wheels home girl Chela Giraldo is all smiles and good vibes. Last month, she met up with Miguel Azanza and Alex Ameen to shoot this rad edit of her slaying hills in Vancouver and Mexico.

Canary Island local Laura ‘Guancha’ Rodriguez takes us back to her homeland to showoff the epic roads that exist. Make sure you give this edit a peep because Laura straight sends it!!

G-Shock Poland collaborated with local rider Nat to create an inspiring short film on the transformative powers of longboarding. Take a peek into how Nat’s passion for skating has not only empowered her as an individual, but has also given her an amazing community.

Moving across the world, the 6th Annual Korea Longboarding Festival went down the weekend of October 23-25. This freestyle competition has continuously pushed the level and style of longboarding within Korea. Check out Yuna Kang‘s winning run which encompasses equal parts style, technicality, and consistency!

I previously covered Ishtar Backlund and her feature video Ishtar X Tussilago. This past month her video was recognized by National Geographic and I had the chance the interview her, Ishtar Backlund: Inside The Making Of “Ishtar X Tussilago”.

The last couple of months, I’ve been including throwback videos. This next video isn’t a true throwback, but it certainly reminds me of my earlier years in longboarding where I’d frequently post to my personal Youtube page and get stoked on other ladies who were doing the same like Molly Lewis, Ysabel Mireles, and Neena Schueller. Sarah out of Miami produces those same roots vibes in her edit. Hope to see her keep having fun and progressing into the future!


In outlaw news, Cami Best took 1st overall at Broadway Bomb! So proud to see her back on board and killing it after her injury last year. Queen of the Hill in Ibardin, Spain also went down with Alice Bonnet taking 1st, Diana Castillo 2nd and Janine La Franca 3rd. Back in the US at Soldiers of Downhill, Emily Pross continued to ‘prossecute’ and finished 6th in the open division!

Queen of the Hill podium

Queen of the Hill podium

In IDF news, the South America circuit was in full effect with races happening each weekend across the continent. The first stop was Lomalinda DH in Colombia saw Rachel Bagels come 1st, Cristina Verdu come 2nd and Angie Duque come 3rd in a field of nine ladies. Next up was the Festival de la Bajada. Cristina Verdu was victorious in a field of three women. The next week took us to Tarma in Peru. In a field of six, Rachel Bagels once again took first with Cristina Verdu in 2nd, and Giorgina Ivanov in 3rd. Finally, 7 Curves in Brasil rounded out October. Melissa Brogni Da Luz battled it out to take top spot here.

Cristina Verdu (left) and Rachel Bagels (right) taking podiums left & right in South America!

Cristina Verdu (left) and Rachel Bagels (right) taking podiums left & right in South America!

IDF Standings at the end of October:
1st: Emily Pross – 5611 points
2nd: Rachel ‘Bagels’ Bruskoff – 5174 points
3rd: Loryn Roberson – 5134 points

Next month we’ll see the last two IDF races of the season wrap up – the Mega Grand Prix & La Violenta. Regardless of the results, the IDF standings should remain the same. With that said, a huge congratulations to Emily Pross for taking first overall this year! You crushed it at every race and certainly lifted the standard for women’s racing!


Longboard Girls Crew collaborated with French telecom company Bouyges and Ty Evans, to shoot a new short film in the South of France. Expect to see some inspiring media including Valeria Kechichian, Eider Walls, Femke Bosma, Lyde Begue, Noelia Otegui, and Ishtar Backlund come out in the next few months. LGC also premiered OPEN in the United Kingdom at the London House of Vans earlier this month.

Ready to drop in.

Ready to drop in.

The LGC ladies living it up.

The LGC ladies living it up.

Toronto Girls Longboarding, led by Sisi Zhou ran their 4th successful FUBU all-girls event. With over 40 ladies in attendance throughout the weekend, the vibes were high and the community continues to flourish! This event recap video summarizes it perfectly!

In touring news, Anna Selina has been trekking around Bali, Indonesia for the last month hosting workshops and skate lessons. Rachel Bagels and Cristina Verdu got up to some shenanigans during their IDF tour in South America. Natalie Burns and Ashley Ader continued their ‎#shredelocksandthrashleytour making stops in Vancouver, Victoria, Washington, Portland, and Medford. Southern Oregon saw a flood of ladies for the Hugo Revival Outlaw weekend. Alicia Fillback, Carmen Shafer, Chela Giraldo, Natalie, Ashley, and I could all be spotted ripping down hills!

Such a solid crew out in Southern Oregon!

Such a solid crew out in Southern Oregon!


The first ever Street League Women’s Division was a huge success with Leticia Bufoni landing a clutch 360 flip over the up down gap to clinch victory. Vanessa Torres styled her way into 2nd and Alana Smith powered her way to 3rd. If you missed it, make sure to find a recap stream somewhere online!

The Kimberley Diamond Cup in South Africa happened one week later with Alexis Sablone coming first, Vanessa Torres taking second, and Leticia Bufoni taking third.


Leticia Bufoni’s full PUSH part also made its release this month.


G-Form recently released new sizes and shapes for their pads specifically for ladies and youth giving their line-up 3 different styles for different body types. G-Form and Skate[Slate] are giving away a set of pads through social media. Share the post and tag them up. Details here or click the image.

gform x cindy insta give away


I know, I know. I probably missed a million and one things. Leave a comment below so that I don’t miss things next time around!


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