Ali Nas Interview: Paris in Norway

What’s up Ali, I have definitely seen your name around for some time, but haven’t had the chance to really get to know you. Can you share with me some basics? Name, Age, where you from (Norway it seems!)? Job, school, couch surfer?

Hey there, Ali Nas here. I’m 24 years young and I live in Oslo, the capitol of Norway. I mainly work as a magician on both small and big events, so I get to skate many places when I travel around the country for work.

ali nas paris trucks

Ali’s natural habitat – Norway.

A magician? That’s possibly the most unusual job anyone has shared with me. How did you get into that? Do you travel for work often?

Back in 2007, a month after I learned my frist trick, I met a guy who saw me doing card tricks for my little brother and his friends at school. He asked if wanted to work for him and it all started there. Now he is my manager and get’s me all the jobs. Most of the gigs is outside the capitol in hotels with a nice view. And a nice view usually means some nice hills around. I really like that combination.

That’s awesome. How long have you been skating? What got you into it? Are you more freeride or race?

A friend of mine bought a Loaded Dervish back in 2009 that I had the chance to try. It took me 50 feet of skating before I decided to buy my own board. I bought my own board the same day and has been skating ever since. I don’t look at myself as a freerider or a racer actually, I just skate.

You come from Norway, which might be one of the hottest skate destinations of 2015, but you’ve also been traveling a bit, where have you visited this year?

This year has been a little more chill than last year where I visited 13 countries in total. I kicked off this year with a winter holiday trip to Alicante and met up with Pablo Quiles which was a lot of fun. Shortly after I flew over to California for Catalina Island Classic. Other than that I have just been skating in Norway and I also took an unexpected trip to Czeck Republic for Kozakov.

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Norwegian corners are jammed with beauty.

With all that travel, what makes Norway so special to you? What are you always excited to come home to?

Skating has taken me all around the world, but to be honest I still like the Norwegian hills better. It’s hard to describe, but it’s a good combination of awesome scenery and gnarly hills with corners where a single mistake can turn all the fun into something unpleasant.

It definitely seems like there are some gnarly hills. Outside Norway, where are some of your favourite places to skate?

I really like the special places that has a good relaxed vibe, three good examples is Catalina Island, La Gomera and Andorra.

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Everyone seems to have a crew, do you? Want to shout out the homies?

It’s not a distinguished crew but Team Goofy always rips shit apart. It’s crazy but almost all the active skaters in Oslo has goofy stance. It’s a thing here.

I can dig it. I’m goofy. How long have you been riding Paris Trucks? Are you a cast guy or all forged Savants now?

I have been riding Paris Trucks since 2011. I have been a cast guy until I got the prototypes of the Savants early last year. They feel the same as cast Paris which is great, but stronger and has a hint of a race-feel in the Savant pivot.

What’s the biggest difference for you between the cast and the new Savants?

The biggest noticeable different is that they’re strong as hell. The fact that they’re forged keeps the structure of the aluminum intact unlike the precision trucks where the structure is cut in pieces in the process. They are also more precise as the pivot is machined with a race style shape.

Do you setup Savants different than you did cast? What’s your go to board and how do you have the Savants setup on it?

I set them up exactly as I did with my cast trucks. 82a or 86a barrel bushings all around. I’m working on a board with Riviera Skateboards at the moment, so I have exciting times ahead.

You definitely look comfortable in the video. Alex Ameen has been pumping out content this year, all over the world. How did you get connected with him.

Thank you. The best skate sessions is the comfortable and relaxed sessions, but still fast and gnarly. I was planning a skate mission to the west coast when Brian Peck reached out and said Alex was in the area and wanted to shoot some film. The timing was good!

What was it like filming with Alex, any bad decisions?

Alex is an awesome guy and so relaxed which is cool. The only bad decision that I remember was that he didn’t dare to swim with us in the lake with melted ice water. He missed out on the freshness!

What’s next? Any other film or travel planned in the next bit or work and save in the winter?

I’m working with a new sponsor on making skate shoes that lasts longer and still comfortable to skate with. They’re called Heroz Shoes and we now have a bunch of prototypes that needs to be tested. So the plan is to go to Tenerife this winter to test them out. Other than that I plan to go to La Gomera with a rad crew from Sweden and Denmark.

Thanks for chatting with me. Any famous last words? Call outs? Hi Mom?

Thanks for the interview. I want to thank the guys at Resource Dist. for all the kindness and awesomeness and for believing in me. My mom usually look away when she see a video of me, so she won’t be reading this one I’m afraid. My brothers is stoked though!