Charles Ouimet the Restless Racer: Gainz, Sex Toys and Tinder

Over the season we’ve had a chance to catch up with Charles Ouimet from Quebec, Canada a few times. Earlier this summer we got to find out more about Charles’ Restless Roots and his WIM pro model Restless skateboard and in Skate[Slate] Magazine Issue 26 we caught up with him to find out more about the #RideRepeat tour over the summer in an RV. Now in school and studying hard, Charles has sent us some unreleased footage from his summer travels and filled us on why he’s working hard for the gainz, what was up with the sex toy on the Ride Repeat tour and how he’s really just skating to keep his Tinder game strong.

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Charles! Whats up with the video you sent me. Where is it from where?

It’s in the Italian alps, we were hagning out in Riva Del Garda for a couples days hitting all the good spots around. I was with a Czech crew that already went to these spots, so they knew the good one and the rules! The pass in this video took me 15 minutes long to go down. We filmed the whole thing and here are the best clips chopped into 1:30 seconds.

charles ouimet unedited.mp4.Still001

15 minutes sounds like a long time, do you have the stamina for that?

15 minutes is pretty long. Every corner was challenging and the fast sweepers were scary. Also with a car two feet behind, you want to give the best you’ve got. Unfortunately, too many people don’t see longboarding as a sport and we’re not athletes. In my opinion, I am an athlete. I played competitive soccer for 15 years gave me strenght and endurence in my legs and I am currently trainning 4-5 times a week in a bouldering gym to gain muscle mass to be faster next year. Currently I am 5”6 and weight 159 pounds. Usually people that are my height arent over 140 pounds. This extra weight give me an advantage when it comes to racing.

Damn. Seems like gainz are the thing for a lot of rider I know looking to be competitive in racing. Is it that you want to be competitive or that you are personally competing. I guess what I mean is, are gainz for fun and personal challenge or winning performance?

Gainz are for the ladies of course Les! Personnaly, I know that I dont have the perfect downhill skateboarding body type to win the overall worldcup. But maybe one day I’ll get on a world cup podium. And for that, I need to be in shape. I’ve done several IDF world qualification podium in my ”career” and now I want to do better. So yeah, gainz is to become more competitive against the best racers in the world and for me.

So that also means travel and that is how you ended up on the 15 minute run? What events did you hit around the time of this video?

Exactly. I went for the best race in the world, KOZAKOV!!!

If you have to go to a skateboard race at least one time in your life, Kozakov is the place to go. Cheap food, cheap beer, beautiful girls and some of the best event organization I’ve ever seen. After Kozakov I hit the road with Czech guys and one French guy. The trip was awesome. We went south and hit the best passes in the alps. You can also watch this crazy raw run in Austria.

After Austria we went to Italy, where we filmed this Skate[Slate] video. Two weeks later we headed to Verdicchio for the IDF qualification race. Organisation wasn’t top-notch, but the racetrack was worth it. There is an raw run of it on Facebook.

In Skate[Slate] Magazine Issue 26 you were featured in Max Dubler’s Real Talk on foot breaking. You also just dropped quick foot break edit that was going around social media. What’s the deal with foot breaking? advanced skill or easier than sliding?

Yes and I am thankful to be featured in the last issue! A lot of people enjoyed my last 15 secondes footbrake edit. The clip have over 50 000 views in a week! Footbraking is awesome for a couples reason. The first one being that you can slow down a lot, by taking almost no space on the road. When it comes to open road riding and you have friends that needs space to slide, dropping a footbrake will be easier for them.

How about as a race tactic?  Ever used a foot break to just mess with someone racing?

Yes its an amazing race tactic. I’ve pulled off a lot of footbrake moves to fuck with people lines and it worked. I won’t share all my stategies here, sorry!

Ever blown it foot breaking and slammed horribly?

Oh god yes I ate shit a lot of times footbraking before mastering it. As I grab the nose of my board, one time my gloves got stuck in the truck bolt, and then faceplanted. A couples of times I didnt put my back foot at the right place on the board after the footbrake, causing to have almost no lean for the turn. Had speed wooble way too much times. But my perseverance made me do it over and over. The best thing about footbraking is that you can pull off the hidden card anytime when it comes to racing. I do slide a lot, but sometime a footbrake is faster and better for me.

Seems everyone loves Kozakov. What do you do when you’re not racing? You’re not on the South American part of the IDF tour right?

Sadly, I am not. I am going to the university in IT engineering for the automn and winter semester. It takes pretty much all my time right now. Since there is almost no money in the downhill skateboarding industry, I suggest everyone to have a B plan.

No money? But you have a pro model and race around the world? And you’re a student? How does that pay the bills?

I am lucky enough to finish my 2015 season pretty much even with sponsorship and all the cost of travelling, planes ticket and races registration. But, I didnt ‘make’ any money this summer. Massive shout out to mom and dad who still offers me a free roof and pay for my education. Otherwise, it would not be possible.

Les, do you know how many downhill skateboarders make a full living out of skating? My guess would be probably 20 skaters MAX. It’s is not a lot and most of them work.

Downhill Skateboarding gives me a feeling that I cant find anywhere else. When I get on my board, I am conquered by happiness and joy. – Charles

Ya, I don’t know really. It’s not openly discussed. Then again I have been reading a lot about Mountain Bikers and Surfers not making much either a lot lately in other sports and riders really just not talking about it. That’s why I ask. Risk versus reward, why do you do it?

I also heard that. Its sad. Maybe in 10 years the sport will grow and the top 50 riders worldwide could fully live out of skateboarding. I’ll maybe still be around in 10years, I am only 22. Why I do it? Because Downhill Skateboarding gives me a feeling that I cant find anywhere else. When I get on my board, I am conquered by happiness and joy. The speed, the technical turns, the fast sweepers always give me the adrenaline rush that I need to live. I defenitly don’t do it for the money. I also do it because I met so many good friends all-around the world, and I can’t wait to see them again. Downhill skateboarding connected me to so many good people all around the world. I can say that I have friends in China, Sweden, Italy, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Brazil, Peru, South Africa, Australia and way more.

I agree, the people you meet help drive the places you go and downhill is definitely exceptional for bringing people together. Which usually means there are always plans in the works. What’s next for you?

For 2016, it’s still really early to say. I’ll defenitly do races, but maybe not the whole tour. A lot of people really liked my open road videos from Europe, so maybe i’ll plan a crazy film trip to remote island for next season with the help of Restless, Otang and G-form.

Nice. Film trips are fun. Just don’t forget to visit the shops and local communities! That’s what helps keep the vibe alive most. We just covered the 2015 #RideRepeat tour in issue 26. You plan to hit the road again this year at all?

For sure! I really like to connect with locals, organise small events and hangout. Road trips are the best. I will surely do tons of car/van/RV millage next year.

So what was with that blow up sex toy in the RV? long looney nights on the road? is she the lady you’re trying to impress with all this school, gainz and downhill skills?

Hahaha Sylvie!!! Nobody sexually touch or used Sylvie, she was there to entertain people at the events. It’s funny and nobody expected it. I want to say a huge ”f@%$ you” to whoever kidnapped Sylvie at Killington after party and cut her throat with a knife for fun. Probably one of the mids kid. We dont know, but it really turned down the vibe and all the Restless crew were pissed that we lost someone really important.

She was the running joke of the whole #RideRepeat tour. We loved her, ok.

Bill clinton also did not have sexual relations with that woman. ha ha… but ya, cutting her throat was a bit aggressive. Fortunately she can be replaced I’m sure.

Pfff Les c’mon, I dont need to impress a blow up doll. You should watch all the matches that I have on Tinder. My long hair is working out pretty good

Alright well, now we’ve turned something beautiful into, well skateboarding. Any famous last words for your tinder fans out there?

To all the Tinder ladies out there that I’ve matched, my life is way more exciting than yours, so that’s maybe why I dont talk to you anymore. And to all the skateboarders out there, please, stay in your lane and dont fuck shit up.

Massive thanks to Restless Longboard and Orangatang wheels to put my feet on the best gear possible.

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