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Pro Mole Cole Kurtz Interview: Movin On Up

Cole Kurtz has been holding down the scene in Arizona for years but recently ended up in Washington State with his lady, 2 dogs and what seems to be an almost entirely new quiver. Now back down south, escaping the wet Northwest winters with a move to San Diego, we hit Cole up to find out about his nomadic Summer, riding Aera trucks and the rumours about his new Longboard Larry Pro Mole Board.

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Cole, what’s good? Arizona to Seattle to San Diego – where you at and how did it happen?

Hey Papa Les! Always good hearing from you! Life is great right now! I graduated from Arizona State with a business degree in 2013 and have been bouncing around ever since. I did a few month with Rayne as an intern in Vancouver, moved home and skate bummed for awhile. Then worked with an ad agency off and on managing promotional marketing programs for Big Soda, and eventually moved with my girlfriend and our two dogs to Seattle.

Moving to Seattle was really important to my girlfriend, and I was partial to moving to California so we made a deal to spend a year in Seattle then relocate south. Living in the Pacific Northwest again was really rad! Nate Blackburn and all the Seattle locals made me feel like I was at home from the first session we had together and I couldn’t have been more lucky to have that experience. Seattle is a really awesome city and I got to go on a lot of rad adventures in my short time there.

After a year in the Seattle, my girlfriend Bailey and I stuck to the plan of moving south and we are finally getting settled in San Diego. In the last month I’ve got a ton of great skating in with the RAD crew and am so stoked to be finally living in Southern California where the hills and weather are ideal.

Big change from AZ to WA? How was mobbing hills in the Northwest? What was the crew like?

Yeah the change was kinda huge. Not only the weather, but the people and general perspective on life. It’s nice to be surrounded by people who care about community and live it. As for the skating I found my crew within a week or two. I had only spent a day or so in Seattle before I moved there so it was a total clean start. I reached out to Nate Blackburn and was set. He introduced me to a bunch of rad skaters and showed me around the hills. I spent a bunch of time with Devon Dotson, Jackson Wells, Rain Daley, Morgan Owens, Sam Galus, and Nate. Nate was also hugely helpful in the process of capturing media. All these dudes are definitely my Seattle skate family and I can’t thank them enough for letting me be apart of their adventures


Nate Blackburn, Cole Kurtz and Morgan Owens in Mt. Shasta.

Seems odd, no community? I always had the idea Phoenix has a bumping community with SkatePHX? What’s so different? What’s the plan with SkatePHX now?

I was referring to the general public , not the skaters. The AZ community holds it down!

I have this theory that people get more Canadian the further north you go along the West Coast. LA is crowded and I felt people were generally self or in-group centered. Thats certainly not the case with NorCal , Oregon, and Washington where I’ve found it more open and inviting. Eventually you hit BC where you could smash into buddies car at a red light and he will apologize ha ha

SkatePHX its in good hands at the moment. The guys from Advanced Slide Labs and SDA have been holding it down for AZ and we are working together to keep the SkatePHX stuff cruising. Some more swag , events, and potentially more boards coming in the future!

Oh Canada. Don’t hit my car! I’m not that nice. So if you like the Northwest so much, why did you leave so soon?

I’m a Southwest native, its hard to leave the sunshine and mountain runs for too long. Ive been trying to get to California or Hawaii , making moves for a while. Some of my all time favorite runs are nestled away in SoCal so I’m really excited to be able to skate them as often as I want with all my friends in California. Everyone comes and visits California way more too.


Cole taking in some of the scenery in the Northwest.

Northwest has some roots for you though right? We drove from Seattle to Downhill Disco early in the summer and stopped at Longboard Larry for a special unboxing. What can you tell us about that?

The northwest definitely knows what’s up! Tons of rad skaters and events and always good times to be had. The Disco trip, that was next level! Still waiting for Devon to prototype the ‘Jampon’ though!


Cole taking a squat down a classic steep.

Being able to visit Larry while I was in the Northwest awesome! He has supported me since day one, actually, like when I was 16. I’d call him all the time and nerd out about how much I loved his stuff and skating. He introduced me to Silverfish and helped me organize the AZ push race that summer which was the start of the AZ community coming together. So I really am excited to be back with Larry now working on all sorts of stuff including my new pro model, the Mole.

The Mole! Love the name. Deck felt great the few chances I have had to stand on it. I even have some pictures from prototyping still! When will it be released? Can I share the images?

Yeah my family and close friends have called me the Mole since I was a kid so the name seemed appropriate. I’m really glad I’ve had the opportunity to make the deck of my dreams that I can skate as fast as possible and also kook around on in my neighbourhood.


Unboxing your new board is still epic no matter how ‘pro’ you get. Larry is the dude!


Cole swaps his setup the minute he gets his first Longboard Larry Mole prototype.


Cole and Larry with their new Mole.

As for the release it should be out any day now! After months of prototyping from the LongboardLarry team and myself we finally created a shape we all love, with an incredibly comfy standing platform and an epic Mole graphic by our friend and lady shredder, Alicia Fillback. There will be a limited release of Carbon Moles very soon while we work out the details of the full color graphic. I’ve already taken my Carbon Mole to the test on some serious downhill runs and I couldn’t be happier with how it performed!


Mole graphic by lady shredder, Alicia Fillback.


In it’s Mole glory!

Not the only new new in your life right? For the a lot of your skate life you’ve been on Munkae Trucks and now you’re riding Aera?

Yeah. Earlier in the year I switched brands. I’m really stoked to be riding Aera and working with Kevin ReimerJosh Rolf and the DDC Crew taught me to skate downhill and I rode Munkae religiously for years . But I’ve always admired Aeras and you know if Kevin is making them they are gonna be on point. After contemplating what trucks I could ride other than Munkae, Aera were the only answer. On the way back from Disco is when Kevin hooked me up and took me to the SB hills to rally some runs. I immediately figured out what all the hype was about after my first run on them and I can’t imagine riding anything else now. If you don’t know about dat gangsta lean I suggest you give them a try , you won’t be disappointed.


Kevin showing Cole the lines on his new Aera Trucks in SB.

Kevin also showed us how to blast some clay.

Kevin also showed us how to blast some clay.

So Longboard Larry, Aera.. and RAD? Keeping with RAD right, no full setup swap here? 

Definitely gonna keep holding it down with RAD. I personally think the 78a Advantage is the best wheel I have ever skated and am honored to be a part of the RAD crew. It’s also really cool getting to work with your friends. Louis Pilloni has been a mentor and friend of mine for years and always had my back since he was at Orangatang flowing me gear. I’ve been on RAD since the prototype phase which has been a really great experience. It’s great to also be able to still work with Josh Rolf and seeing him work his dream job of tinkering with skate products full time.

Sounds like you’re set. You always have new media coming out it seems. What’s next? 

Wes Eldridge at Aero Media kills it. He came to Seattle when I was there and we went and stacked clips for days. He definitely knows his way around the lens and it was great working with him while he was there. Hopefully I can get him out to San Diego sometime.

I’ve always got a video I’ve been sitting on for awhile. Just needs some tweaks and the right home for hosting. The event schedule is up in the air for me. I’m not the worlds best racer. I’m a bit to friendly and cautious of a skater to be a really aggressive racer and I’d prefer to hit 10 hills in a trip instead of the same race track for multiple days. Other than that I’m taking them as they come. I love events , but film trips with my close friends seem to be a more productive and enjoyable use of my time.

Maybe we should talk, I might know a place to release some video! I’m sure it’s going to be grand. Always seems to be greta things coming from you at a medium pace. I like it. How do we close this out? Burgers or Pizza? Boxers or Briefs? Open mic for the Mole. Sponsors? Go.

Green chile and onion burgers and boxer briefs for the win!

Shout outs to Aera , RAD, Longboard Larry and G Form for all the support and providing me with the gear I love. Also none of what I do would be possible without the love and support of my family, my girlfriend Bailey, and all the skaters out there supporting me doing me! Keep your eyes peeled for the release of the Mole in the near future and remember to skate safe and always have fun! Much love to Skate[Slate] and you Papa Les , beers are on me next time we connect. Cheers!

Check Longboard Larry for more details on the Cole Pro Mole.


Signature moves in the Northern California Mountains.


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