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Catching up with Tibs Parise: Abec 11 Wheels And Art of Life

The last time we chatted with Tibs Parise he was dropping the Art of Life trailer and getting hyped for it’s release. Since then he has joined forces with Abec 11 Wheels and is working on a new video part. Catch up with Mr. Tibs and get all the details.

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Congrats on the new Abec 11 Wheel sponsor buddy, how did that happen?

Thank you Les! Long story make short, Abec11 was my first downhill wheel on my skateboard, back in 2000. After moving in California, I met Brad, Chris and Rory, we’ve been talking about doing things together, and the time came to make it happen.

Abec 11 has been probably the most diverse and one of the OG brands in my mind for sure, what is about Abec 11 wheels that made you pick them?

Yes, you are right, you know, when you think Sector 9, you think skateboards! and I love what they do, they have great products outside of skateboarding, but with Abec 11, I know that they have what I need for parks and everything, a lot of choice on hard wheels! This is what I mostly need! I also love the Flashbacks since day 1!

What wheels do you like most, maybe tell us what your go to setups are right now?

I tried out a bunch of wheels since I got into the green team, and honestly I love the OddBallz 59 99a! The urethane is just perfect!

Last time we talked, you were the Skate[Slate] Magazine Check Out Feature and in the thick of getting Art of Life Brazil launched, how is that going? When are we doing some premiers?

Oleev did an amazing job, I can’t believe this is what we made! I am stoked we have started releasing the parts and 1 and 2 are out now on vimeo. Soon we’ll be announcing some premiers around the world. I’ll be back to you in couple weeks for the dates and location.. but we think about Brazil, USA, Canada, Europe. We just want to give people the opportunity to experience the Art of Life.

Everything will also be announced here.

What else is new with you? I have seen bunch of random clips coming out of your youtube lately, have anything in the works?

Yes I work on different projects, I try to make my regular trick posts, and a monthly short clip. I try to stay active and produce as much as I can for my sponsors. But I have some secret things you will see coming soon. My main goal is too show to people that nothing is impossible, and enjoying what you do is really important.

Always good to chat with you Mr. Tibs. All the best with Abec 11 and Art of Life. Anything you want to leave us with?

You never dream too big, so don’t think small! Thank you to all of my followers, people who skate and everybody to be awesome! Always a pleasure to chat with you Les!