Landyachtz – The Best Little Skateboard Factory in The World

Nestled deep in the Kootenay Mountains lays the small former mining community of Kimberley, BC. This town is the home of Jody Wilcox, the man behind Landyachtz “HollowTech” technology and the annual Free Sullivan Challenge. Over the past few years Landyachtz founders, Tom Edstrand and Mike Perreten have teamed up with Jody to build their very own skateboard factory in the heart of this humble BC town. The old credit union bank building of Kimberley (where Jody got his first loan to make boards!) was restored and turned into what is now known as “Berley Manufacturing”. Your Hollowtech board was hand made in this unique factory! Check out this behind the scenes peek at how these amazing boards are made…IN CANADA.

Learn more about Berley Manufacturing here.

“Run/Burn it Down” by North by North

“Hearts Beat Black” by Mirror Kisses

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