Caliber x MuirSkate Limited Edition Truck feat. Jasper Ohlson

Jasper Ohlson is a shared rider of Caliber and MuirSkate, and we were stoked to utilize him on this collaborative video. Jasper is leading the next generation of DH skaters, and we expect to see him only get better for years to come. We are stoked to see how well Tom Flinchbaugh captured his raw talent on the new limited trucks.

Trucks seem to come in two colour ways, Red on Black and Black on Red:

“Caliber is stoked to collaborate with on our first ever Limited Edition truck. Muir has represented the core side of longboarding for years, and we couldn’t think of a better company to partner with on this project. We have a huge amount of respect for Scott (aka El Beasto) Lembach and his team, and we look forward to continue working with them more for years to come.” – Brandon Stewart, Caliber Truck Co.


“We have been discussing on and off the idea of offering a Muirskate color combo for 4 years! It’s finally come the fruition! Action speaks louder than words! Thank you Brandon and the crew over at Caliber Trucks for making this possible! The New Limited Colorways look outstanding! They are now available at” – Scott El Beasto lembach

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