Quick Q&A with Steven Vera

Steven Vera has been in the longboard scene for a hot minute. Most of his time has been spent on the East coast but in the past couple years he’s been getting out and checking out skate scenes all over the world. Having just recently signed on with Landyachtz Longboards as his new sponsor, it’s safe to say we’ll probably be seeing more of him. He just released a rad new video with Landyachtz and I figured it’d be good to follow it up with a quick interview so y’all get get a little more familiar with this guy.

Steven Vera


Where do you live?
Currently, in West New York

How long have you been skating for?
4 years

What got you into skating?
Seeing my hometown homies Alfredo and Kevin skating flatground back in High School.

What is your favorite type of terrain?
Everything that has to do with a skateboard really, you name it. Skateparks, Flatground, Downhill, Freeride.


Who are some of your influences for skating?
Definitely the homies Ethan Cochard, Billy Meiners, Adam Yates, Camilo Cespedes, Nick Escamillas , Axel Serrat, Khalil Hommouri and Dustin Hampton.

What was it like going from the East coast skating scene to the West coast?
Different but rad, that’s for sure. I felt like during my time there, I’ve progressed a lot in my DH/Freeriding with the help of Ethan and the Otang crew, and that’s what I wanted learn while I was out there for my first time. The scene over there is really into downhill and are very active about it, hence why I want to go back there again! Haha

Were you ready for the kind of hills?
Sorta, I’ve been traveling a lot before I got there, so riding fast in places like PR and China really helped a lot when I got over there.

What’s your worst injury?
Dislocating my shoulder during a bail going down a run in the Bu.


What is the best place you’ve traveled to? why?
Seoul, South Korea. That place is beyond awesome! Its like a bigger San Francisco but with cops that actually don’t bother you.

Who are some of your favorite people to travel with?
Definitely Billy Meiners, Adam Yates, Ethan Cochard and Kyle Chin. Rad times in China by the way!

Where is a place that you haven’t been to but is on your list of places to go?
The Canary Islands right by Spain.

Any specific spots you want to skate there?
Yes! a downhill run where Toti did his video with Alex Ameen and another run Camilo did in Greener Pastures: Offshore.


Plans for the future?
Head back to school, finish getting my Business Management Degree and apply to also get a Graphics Designer Degree so I can work behind the Skate Industry someday.

Hell Yeah! shoutout to Mom and Dad for always having my back through and through, my Old and New team managers Rob Rod, Billy Meiners and Ethan Cochard for always giving me guidance, and a lot of good times haha and my Homeboy Miguel Flores, cause ninja I made it! haha

For those of you who haven’t seen his video, it’s definitely worth a view or two. Awesome film/edit by Michael Alfuso (who also supplied the photos for this interview, Thanks Michael!).