Velosolutions’ Brooklyn Pumptrack With Sara Rassieur and SBSX

Sarah Rassieur is the Academy Manager for Skateboard Supercross & IDSA in Maimi, Florida. With a full-time workload focused on creating sanctioned longboard events and helping kids leane to skate, Sara might have one of the best and least well known jobs in America. As a perk, Sara got to travel to Brooklyn and visit the Velosolutions Pumptrack for the SBSX Time Trials event and sent us a quick memoir of her time there. 

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As I stepped off the curb at LaGuardia Airport I could smell the cold, fresh possibilities that the Big Apple had to offer. Every wall, every corner was tainted by art or graffiti and shared inspiration to all. Similar to how you would imagine, the manholes were steaming with condensation as the cool air bit our noses. Brooklyn fall in November, feels clean and hopeful. I immediately felt excited, like a dog does leaning out the car window just to smell and experience every sensory nerve.


I stayed at the Sheraton in Brooklyn, three miles from the Asphalt track in Williamsburg. There were always people riding bikes, walking, crossing the street, jogging. It seemed like you would never feel loneliness in a city like that. Literally, every restaurant there is a wait and a tight space to squeeze in to. The food is incredible so every wait is so worth while. Every shop, restaurant, and building is tight and antiquated. The street art and vendors pack the already crowded sidewalks with their hand made jewelry, screen print shirts, and paintings. There are endless resins to vista New York, but skating was ever one I really considered before. Of course you can always explore a city by skateboard, it’s a really the best way!

Focusing on why I was here a bit, I met up with some local longboarders from the Bustin Shop, Victor and Mack. We took a ride around the city streets. Car horns blast at you around every turn, I guess they feel the need to let you know they are coming. My heart raced as we weaved in and out of pedestrians and cars. All over Brooklyn, I passed other skaters, it is paradise. I even had two celebrity sightings; Cami Best and Mark “The Gonz” Gonzales.

View of the track.


SBSX’s Jonathan Strauss

A short while later, we headed to the pumptrack. Shared with other wheelie things, the Brooklyn Bike park is situated right on the East River beneath the Williamsburg Bridge. The views are breath taking, you can’t believe this gem would be here until you see it. Juxtaposed to the track there is a community garden. The dilapidated Domino Sugar Factory creates a dramatic backdrop as it borders the south side of the track. The pumptrack is given no justice in photos or videos, it is also more extreme and way more fun than you would imagine.

Every photo taken shows smiles stretched ear to ear on our faces. I have never smiled so big as I did on this track. Even Mark Gonzales came to the track. He brought his son and the two of them had a blast. I saw the same smile on Mark’s face as I had on mine.


So much fun!

The Time Trials Event took place Saturday morning. Considering how windy and cold it was there was still a good turn out. It was so exciting to race through the track while you could feel others watching and hear them cheering you on. Heelside, toeside, pumping and pumping, my whole body was twitching, it is truly a full-body workout. You are surrounded by all ages, all skill levels and all wheel sports; scooters, bikes, skateboards, longboards. Everyone seems to share a bond and a level of respect and appreciation of the other riders. We are all proud of the track we share.

Thanks for checking out my memoir. I definitely encourage you to checkout the Williamsburg track and find out more about SBSX events in your area. As you can see from the smiles, it’s really an incredible experience!


Sort of group shot :)

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Velosolutions Pumptrack and SBSX – The newly built Velosolutions Brooklyn Pumptrack in Williamsburg, NY is now home to Skateboard Supercross (SBSX). The Brooklyn Bike park is situated right on the East River beneath the Williamsburg Bridge. SBSX permanent tracks are constructed by our construction partners, Velosolutions USA, to inquire about building a permanent track near you. These tracks provide an amazing experience on bikes, blades, scooters, and skateboards. Check Skateboardsupercross.com for this, other locations and info on their growing skate-cross race league.