EAT SHIT the Venom DVD Coming Soon!

Venom compiled their best (and worst) footage of the year and saved it from the matrix to present to you EAT SHIT the DVD in all its glory. Watch the 3rd and final trailer and find out more details on featured team riders. Then check the list below and find an EAT SHIT the DVD premier screenings happening in December at a local trap near you.


Featured team riders:
– Zak Maytum
– Justin Rolo
– Aleix Gallimo
– Max Dubler
– Pagans of the High Country
– Aaron Hampshire
– Kula The Viking
– Billy Bones
– And Many More!!

Zak Maytum: The originator, boss, and tyrant of Venom Bushings. Zak started Venom at the age of 16 hand pouring bushings in his Dad’s garage. He shotguns beers faster than us, likes muscle cars, and has a very real desire to get mud -butt on every continent in the world.

Justin Rolo: Rolo’s our marketing guy, and a connoisseur of the world’s shittiest music. Brought up in the golden era of Colorado downhill excellence, Justin is still trying to figure out which village person he wants to be. Look for his signature “Rodeo Arm” and style that occasionally causes viewer to believe he suffers from a nervous system disorder. He’s s 0-2 at Kozakov, and skated all season with a broken kneecap.

Aleix Gallimo: The Spanish footbrake prodigy. Aleix has the sickest style in the game, and is down to send it on the burliest terrain there is without hesitation. We don’t totally understand what he’s saying half the time, but it’s usually pretty funny.

Max Dubler: Dubler’s ‘stache is what dreams are made of. He was one of the first prominent photographers in the downhill game, and appreciates the finer things in life like quadruple trente mocha choca caramel lattes and interior decorating.

The Pagans: Justin Dubois and Coop are a couple of Colorado OG’s who have some serious history in the scene. Dubois is the quick-witted organizer of the Buffalo Bill Downhill races (R.I.P), and Kevin Cooper is a rabid ginger mountain man with the tendency to take things a little out of hand. Anyone who’s ever gotten to experience this dynamic duo in person, knows exactly what we’re talking about.

Aaron Hampshire: Aaron’s a Colorado transplant from the midwest. He’s got an aggressive open-road style, and has perfected the deep stare into the void.

Kula: Our Norwegian team rider may look intimidating upon first glance, but is actually a teddy bear. He’s kills it the hardest on the Venom team Snapchat, and runs a tattoo shop in Mjøndalen.

Billy Bones: We’re not really sure what’s up with Billy’s stuffed animal obsession, or his adorable lap dog fantasy. But, we do know that Billy’s the most Portland mother fu**er we’ve ever met, with an excellent collection of dork tricks and downhill skills.

Want to get to know more of the Venom team before they EAT SHIT, watch the team videos. Here’s part 1:

Don’t miss out, see the EAT SHIT DVD Premier in your local trap!
THE official EAT SHIT premier list. If you’re in the area BE THERE OBVI:

DENVER: (BOARDLife – Denver)

SEATTLE: (Subsonic Skateboards)

VANCOUVER: (Flatspot Longboard Shop)

FRANCE: (FulKit Skateboards)

MIDWEST: (Black Squrl Skate)

SOCAL: Info Coming Soon

SPAIN: Info Coming Soon

U.K: Info Coming Soon

South Africa: Info Coming soon

Here’s EAT SHIT the DVD trailer #2 if you missed it:
You can trailer #1 and more details on Venom’s Facebook page here


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