Ms. Monthly – What You Miss’d In November

One thing I’ve heard time and again from action sports companies is that there simply isn’t a large enough womens demographic for them to invest in womens marketing. Some chicken and egg ridiculousness if you ask me. If brands were to open their eyes and ears, they might realize that there is not only always a good reason to invest in the ladies, but there has been an imminent shift in the tides and the companies that stood back will be least rewarded. It’s not just that there are more females participating in skateboarding and longboarding than ever before – it’s that catalysts for increasing participation are growing evermore present. The emergence of all kinds of empowerment and stoke building brands like Longboard Girls Crew, Mahfia, Skate Like A Girl, Girls Skate Network and Hoopla are just small indicators of the potential for ladies. Most of this didn’t exist 5 years ago, but only represent the first wave of true female skateboarding advocates.

The second wave is happening right now. The influence of those aforementioned brands has helped inspired females all across the world to come together, create more events, produce more media, and is helping redefine what it means to be a female in action sports. For me, these Ms. Monthly recaps are a way to track and curate this second wave of new media, events, and news. I’m excited to see how this butterfly effect unfolds the years to come, but until then, check out what you Miss’d in November.


Femke Bosma getting nosy somewhere in Southern France Photo: Noelia Otegui

Femke Bosma getting nosy somewhere in Southern France Photo: Noelia Otegui


Florida native Neena Schueller takes us for a visually stunning freeride down in the Austrian countryside. Filled with amazing landscapes, unique drone shots, and awesome riding, this is a video you don’t want to miss!

Up next, the Girls Gone Fast crew recently released this 5-minute video part capturing their adventure up the west coast from Los Angeles to Maryhill. The crew included Carly Bizama, Katie Boyer, Amber Burgermeister, Carrie Coffin, Candy Dungan, Daisy Johannes, Amanda Lopez, Samantha Marstellar, Andrea Scheck and Possala Wang!

Loaded Boards and Orangatang home-girl Sowi Rodriguez from Uruguay mixes freeride and freestyle like no other female shredder out there. With a deep bag of tricks including kickflips, switch 360 shuvits and no comply slides, this urban edit will surely get you stoked!

Moving over to Brazil, Melissa Brogni and Georgia Bontorin take you around for a Day In The Life video. Skating, beaches, and friends. What more could someone ask for?

To round media up this month, Sylvia Mena from Costa Rica takes us down one of her local gems in this raw run. Rip it and grip it girl!


The La Violenta event in La Rioja, Argentina rounded out the last IDF race of the year. Magdalena Manochi took first, Romina Bessone took second and Magda Blanc took third in a field of eight ladies. Former IGSA race, Teutonia in Brazil also went down this past month. For years, this road has been notorious for being the track where downhill skaters first break the 100km/h speed barrier. This year was no different with many ladies reaching speeds of over 100km/h. The final results for this infamous event were Melissa Brogni, Magda Blanc, and Romi Bessone in first, second, and third respectively.

Podium and top speeds at Teutonia.

Podium and top speeds at Teutonia.

In outlaw news, the Philippines hosted their annual Halloween Downhill Jam and saw Gen Debildos come first, followed by Nerissa Ravina and Eula Apostol in second and third. In Indonesia, the Cangar Longboard Festival also occurred with Maya Fernandez taking the win.

The girls during finals of the Halloween Downhill Jam. Gen leading the pack..

The girls during finals of the Halloween Downhill Jam. Gen leading the pack..

Emily Pross also continued to raise the standards for womens racing by taking first place in the open bracket at the 7th annual Major Stok’em race in Fort Lee, New Jersey. She beat out 79 males to become the first women to win a major open racing event. Make sure to check out her latest full interview in the upcoming print issue of Skate Slate!

In IDSA push race news, the Clermont Challenge consisting of a 5k, 10k, and half marathon race saw Neena Schueller take 1st in womens and 6th overall, while newcomer Sarah Rassieur took 2nd in womens and 7th overall in a field of 20 competitors.

Sara Rassieur was also in Brooklyn for the SBSX / IDSA / Velosolutions Pump Track Time Trials and you can read her event report here on Skate[Slate].com too.


Sara enjoying the Velosolutions Pumptrack in NYC.


As mentioned in October’s Ms. Monthly, Longboard Girls Crew collaborated with French telecom company Bouyges and Ty Evans, to shoot a new short film in the South of France. The final piece is out online and also airing on national French television! Congratulations to all the ladies involved including Valeria Kechichian, Eider Walls, Femke Bosma, Lyde Begue, Ishtar Backlund and Noelia Otegui.

The global female longboard community also continues to grow. The latest She-Ride in Argentina drew over 25 ladies and LGC Philippine’s recent all-girls skate clinic drew over 20 ladies. The skate clinic incorporated a variety of little competitions including slalom, best puckdown, longest tuck, and mini DH.

Finally, Fee Bücheler and Christine Maier are pulling out all the stops to host a week long Women’s Longboarding Camp in Lisbon, Portugal for 2016. This will be their 5th time hosting the the camp and it’s sure to be epic. Read here for more!


Amelia Brodka hosted the largest girls skateboarding event in history this past month. The 4th annual EXPOSURE event saw 100 of the world’s best female skateboarders descend on Encinitas, California to compete in either pro or am street, vert and bowl! Can you imagine the day when 100 ladies show up to race a downhill event!? It’ll be amazing! All the results for EXPOSURE 2015 can be found here! It would also be amazing if exposure expanded it’s multi skate event to include more diversity and thereby more women. I don’t see any reason ladies tech slide, dance, slalom, downhill and etc couldn’t be combined to create one of the most diverse and best attended events for ladies world wide. Just an idea.

Amelia Brodka with the crail slide on the vert. Photo: Jamie Owens

Amelia Brodka with the crail slide on the vert. Photo: Jamie Owens

Alexis Sablone with the FS Smith grind down the handrail. Photo: Jamie Owens

Alexis Sablone with the FS Smith grind down the handrail. Photo: Jamie Owens

#LadiesDay2015 at the Berrics also went down with the Poseidon Foundation once again hosting. All I gotta say is… #squadgoals.

#SquadGoals Photo: Mahfia

#SquadGoals Photo: Mahfia

One of my favorite street skaters Samarria Brevard takes us around her hometown parks in Riverside, California for a Day in the Life feature.

Lizzie Armanto continues to kill the sponsorship and media game by collaborating with influential brands including ProTec, BabyG and the RIDE Channel.


I know, I know. I probably missed a million and one things. Leave a comment below so that I don’t miss things next time around!