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Riley Harris 2015 Crash Reel Bonus: GIFs

Riley Harris dropped his 2015 Crash Reel the other day and sent us  bonus to release, some GIFs!

Riley attended 15 events in 4 months and the camera was always rolling, capturing more than his fair share of mishaps. If you missed the video, click here, or scroll to the bottom. Riley is supported by Landyachtz Longboards, Bear Trucks, Hawgs Wheels, Edge Boardshop, Vicious Grip, Team NoBull, and Hillside Gear. We’re thankful for his support here at Skate[Slate] and want to ask you to give his a follow:

Now on to the GIFs!

Instead of just posting the highlights for all the bails he captured throughout the 2015 longboard season, leaving you wondering just who was in each clip, Riley was nice enough to separate them for you to bask in their crash-tastic glory. Who doesn’t love a GIF gallery, am I right?

Trevor Ovenden narrowly avoids some major carnage at the Maryhill Spring Freeride.

One moment the pack enters the first repeater, the next everybody is down – Maryhill Spring Freeride.

Totally nailed this guy at the Maryhill Freeride. You’ll also notice he played a big part in the first crash gif…

Got a little too close behind Spencer Smith and went off the inside of the first drift corner of the Britannia Classic. Adam Little promptly smashed into the back of me.

Jayden Flasch and Sean Young get a bit too close for comfort, taking me down with them – Britannia Classic.

Kurtis Dawe rides wide and does some high speed yoga – Britannia Classic.

Riding behind Aidan Lynds and Charlie Darragh, my exit speed doesn’t quite match up with that of Charlie’s… – Britannia Classic.

Graham Buksa, Tony Graves, and others connect into the first drifter at the Britannia Classic. A wildcard rider backs his drift right into the mix. I’m surprised I avoided this one.

Dane Hanna and Conner Stanek connect mid corner, Dane makes it out clean – Britannia Classic.

Troy “Yardwaste” Grenier catches some air. Also pictured: Alex Tongue and Charlie Darragh – Britannia Classic.

Josh Evans rides a touch too wide exiting the major corner at the Killington Downhill Throwdown.

I totally blow it behind Aaron Hampshire at the Killington DH Throwdown, hitting the bails at close to 90kph. Josh Evans follows me in.

A mystery rider does exactly as I did in the last gif – Killington. Good commentary on this one, be sure to watch the video on Facebook.

Aaron Hampshire nails his face and performs some high speed break dance moves at the Burke Mountain World Cup.

Troy Fairbanks washes out – Burke Mountain WC

I rub wheels with this chap in the first round of the Maryhill Festival of Speed. Sometimes shit happens, I got over it.

Here’s a strong example of what my life is like at the Giants Head Freeride. My spirit animal is now the pinecone. Mark my words, I will win that race one day…

Some bad luck for Brandon Tissen at the Sullivan Challenge. Great planking form though, so there’s that.

Charlie Darragh and Gavin Rutherford fall at low speed. They actually had to chase their boards hundreds of feet down the track. Captured at the Sullivan Challenge.

Charles Ouimet does some gymnastics after clipping the bails in Carnage Corner at Danger Bay.

A mystery rider takes a spill behind Ray Adams at the Patriot Downhill event in Austin, Texas.

Micah Green goes down pushing and brings Linden Pye along for the ride – Whistler Longboard Festival.

Team Green “Sandman” Charlton loses his board on some grippy pavement at an outlaw in Mission, BC.

Mike Fitter takes a funky line in the wet at the Whistler Longboard Fest, taking down Alex Charleson with him.

Another situation of wheel rub from behind. This time it’s Kurt Watts at the Splash4Cash.

Myself and Carlos Paixao go down at the Burke Mountain World Cup. He won the board scramble and later the World Title.

Api Ihaia slides into me, but what you can’t see, is he squished me. Straight up crushed me. Good times.

Watch the full crash reel carnage in its entirety here.

And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed. Riley will be back with more in 2016!