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Lush Longboards Machine 3D Release

The Machine 3d is Lush Longboards updated stubby topmount freeride deck. Made with 8ply Canadian Maple for stiffness and strength…You can air a ramp, ollie some stairs, dodge some traffic and bomb a hill all in one day. The shape is much more subtle as the 3d concave gives you the feel from the rail of the board rather than the shape of the deck. Much more of a classic shape than we have done in the past.

8 Ply Canadian Maple, Cold Pressed one at a time. This ensures that all boards come out of the presses with the same concave and profile, so you know you’re getting exactly what we intended.

Kicktail and a manageable 38” length allows for bowls, ramps, street even! Adjustable wheelbase front and back so you can tune things in perfectly.

Length: 38.5” /97.7cm
Width: 10” 25.4cm
Wheelbase: 25.3” 642.8mm / 24.54” 623.5mm
Nose: 1.71” 43.6mm / 2.08” 53mm
Tail: 6.45” 164mm / .6.82” 173mm
Construction: 8ply 100% Canadian Maple
Profile: 3d Rocker with a kicktail
Max Weight: 16st/100kg/225lbs
Flex: Stiff

Jooz Hughes. Richard Auden Photo

Jooz Hughes. Richard Auden Photo

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