Tibs Parise – 40 Inches of Freedom – Abec 11

Tibs Parise and Abec 11 Wheels teamed up earlier this year and we’ve already seen some of the media get going with new ads and small parts. Tibs Parise – 40 Inches of Freedom is a full blown part with all the power of Abec 11 Media, Sk8trip Productions and the Alfuso Films team we’ve been waiting for! Tibs is a colourful guy and I couldn’t be more stoked to see Michael Alfuso capture some of his talent and spirt in this edit.


We recently chatted with Tibs about his joining Abec 11. Get more details on Tibs, his Art of Life Project and why he’s stoked to be riding Abec 11 wheels in his interview here.


We also just dropped an interview with the talented Michael Alfuso here.


Video notes from Abec 11 Media:

You never dream too big, so don’t ever think small! Just ask Mr. Tibs, who rips on his 40″ longboard, just like it should. He has a huge arsenal of tricks and his latest solo video by Michael Alfuso simply delivers. English or French the skating speaks for itself. His pure natural talent pushs freely into the outer limits of vertical longboarding. Congrats Tibs you just made our day!

His favorite choice for wheels is the 59mm OddBallz which use our High Octane Anti-Flat Spot urethane with a larger contact patch. Great for pools, park, pipes, and vert. Since the year 2000 all of our wheels have been poured right here in Huntington Beach California using our own proprietary formulas, cores, and molds. Choose ABEC 11 and feel the difference that real wheels make.

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