Jorge Pernes Interview: Sabre Trucks, Stoke and Smiles

Jorge Pernes has been putting out media, events, stoke and smiles all year from his home base in Portugal to around Europe and the web. We’ve had the opportunity to connect up with Jorge a couple times this year with Big Mountain Skate‘s and his own Freeride, the Longboard River Sessions. Now the stoke spreader has joined forces with Sabre Trucks and gone full Vandem MFG complimenting his Cult Wheels and Lush Longboards relationships. The smiles are even bigger. I hit up Jorge to find out what’s good and get the details on why Sabre and what’s up for 2016.

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Jorge how’s it going. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Where you’re from? How old are you?

Hey Les, feeling really good, sun is out, have been skating with the crew and the wave season is here! Well I’m from Portugal and I live in Lisbon. Currently counting 31 awesome years. I have a passion for all types of boards, my heart is divided with skating, surfing, windsurfing and snowboard. I have a normal routine job, that keeps me entertain when I’m not over a board, and also keeps me focus on my objectives.



How did you get into skating? Do you play with a few kinds of styles or more a one board to rule them all kinda rider?

Well my first skate experience was at 13. I bought a skate from a friend, because I didn’t like to wait for the bus and pay everyday. I still skate that hill, but just for the memories.

Long boarding came because of a dilema, and that was “there is no waves to surf, no wind to windsurf, wtf should i do…”, and than a friend of mine just told me of these skates with a long wheelbase that where awesome, like surfing asphalt. This was 12 years ago…

I like all types of styles on skating, the one that interests me more is Freeride DH. I often go to cruisings to reboot my head and just chill. I love to mess around on pools but in the end my body and head ask for a hill.


Photo Sami Hasselberg

I know you as a massive stoke spreader? You are always in touch with rad things and your sponsors say nothing but great things about you? Why are you so stoked?

Hahahah thank you, I am a positive dude and everything I do in skating is always with good vibes. I believe that good things come when you do things and don’t expect to get anything back, that you should get involved in things because you truly like it, not because your looking for recognition or money. My sponsors are my friends, thankfully we connected and we chat all the time. We help each other in everything, from designs, to events, and media… I really like getting involved on skate stuff. I am always learning and learning skate things is awesome.

You seem to enjoy events, what is it you enjoy about freerides?

Freerides are the luxury of skating, the finest format of skate meeting ever. When they are well organized you can get so many runs, and that means a lot of skating with different riders. This is what I like more, seeing different styles going down the hill. I often stop on corners just to chill with the marshals and cheer the riders it’s super awesome. With freerides, comes new friendships, a lot of party, stories around the globe, and lot’s of miles of fun.


Photo Toti Bicicleta

Europe seems to have a lot of Freerides, and you host one as well right? What’s your event? Why are there so many freerides?

It’s awesome right!? I am very stoked about this. Next year Europe will be full of premium freerides, Big Mountain Skate organization is pulling epic hills like rabbits from a cap, next year will be epic. The boom we see in freerides I guess is because a lot of people just want to have fun skating and pass a good time doing what they like with no pressor or waiting between runs. It’s a awesome format as I said, and for sure we will see it getting better and bigger.

The event we did last end summer, was called “River Sessions”, it´s a medium difficulty hill, and the objective was that everyone did a lot of runs with the most fun they could get. The concept is that everyone helps, volunteering for marshals and random tasks. It worked super smooth with 12/14 runs a day. Next year it will happen again. I invite you all, since it can be the beginning of your skate trip around Portugal :)

Is it easy to travel around euope to events? Do you typically drive or?

Yes it is, specially if you are located in central europe like south Germany, Austria or Slovenia, from there you can grab a lift from skate friends or simply get a train. Moving around is well organized and people will help you moving around. Normally I get a flight. Realize I am located on the Western part of Europe so just to cross Portugal and Spain will take me 12hours driving. Flying is the better way for me, it gets me where I want, in time, and fresh to skate hills.


Photo Sami Hasselberg

How do you you enjoy skating in between events?

Where I live, we have unfinished urbanization closed to traffic, it as many paths going down and is where most Lisbon riders get together to skate. But my main objective is the search of new hills. Portugal is full of roads, with low or no traffic at all, and I always try every year to find more and more, specially because every year, somewhere is an old dirty road that appears with new pavement. This year already looks promising from my GoogleEarth travels.


Photo Sami Hasselberg

Whats the weather like where you live, do you get seasons or warm all year?

The weather here is very similar to California from what I heard, in the Winter we can get pretty low like 5ºC, is not normal on the coast, but the normal weather goes around 18ºC on the Winter. But since the Sun is to low in this season, many roads get very patchy, and a little sketchy to skate, since you have a constant change from wet to dry. But most of the year we get clear sky and good temperatures. The summer is always good, we call it the Buttery season, since somehow the wheels get super smooth and sugary.

You recently joined Sabre Trucks. Congrats! How did that come about?

Oh yeah! very happy about this, specially because I feel Sabre Trucks function awesomely. I think it came from the good friendship and partner ship I already got with them. Vandem-MFG got one of the best Team Managers I’ve known, Adam [Hill] is 100% THE DUDE! We work perfectly and most of my thoughts and wishes are well interpreted by him, and we are good friends. Also Rich is a super cool friend, he is always open to hear what the riders have to say, and always looking to make improvements by the thoughts of the team riders. When you feel this, there is no reason not to get into a 100% Vandem-MFG relationship. Basically I asked if I could try the new forged trucks, I was tired of my Aera, and I felt it was time to try new things. Guess what!? I love them, and I shot a video in a way to say thank you. The universe just shot me another destiny arrow, and I was invited to join the team.

What are your truck setup choices? Have you tried cast and forged and the combos?

Well it was very easy to get my Sabre setup right like I wanted. The site is very well explained and from there I built my idea. I first went with the 48º Baseplates (white) and 180mm hangers (blue), they felt a little loose for what I was use to, but I know a lot of skaters that would love them. I wanted more the feel of surfing and diving the corners, so I tried the opposite, 38º with 170mm hangers forged, equipped it with a green fat cone BS and green barrel RS with a precision flat washer. And there was it! I was leaning corners like never before, super stable at high speeds (especially with my 23´´WB).


You ride Cult too right? What’s are some of your favourites? How are you enjoying the new Psychathane and Rapture wheels?

Yeah I’ve had my wings from a while now. The wheels I use most are the Cerebrums, definably one of my favorites. Although the last months I’ve been in love with the Raptures, the 77a are awesome for Freeride, and they just give a huge support for fast standups, and they last so longggggggg!

You had a Cult 666 video part too on Classics too right? They’re a fun wheel.

Stoke u did see it, yes I was skating the small classics 66, they are so progressive, specially when the sun is out, they seem to have a extra super smoothness. I love that video specially because it was the day we found that road.

So what’s coming for 2016 for stoke master Jorge?

OH BOY! Super 2016! It’s going to be a very exciting year. There will be a lot of surprises from Cult, Lush and Sabre, also I will travel to different areas and catch up with all my skate friends, and hopefully giving a good push to my longboard community. I am planning new freerides to deliver more stokeness than ever.

How do you find time to skate, film, do events and have a life? You create a lot with your time!

Hahaha yes. I’ve got a bunch of friends and family around me, complaining about that. It’s always difficult to manage your personal and social life with the things your passion about. It’s a constant issue I have to solve, but that’s the story of us all, Peter Pan’s thug life hahaha. Just like I said before, I do this because I like it. I don’t wake up everyday willing to do stuff, first I build my momentum on what I would like to do; then I analyze if I will enjoy it; then planning and making it happen. We should make the best of life we can, it’s the only way we make every year count to remember.


Photo Mário Barge

Thanks for chatting with me Jorge. Congrats on Sabre and all the best for the coming year. Have any last comments, thanks or anything to share?

Thank you Les! It’s always great to put my thoughts out there and maybe inspire people to do the same. Just wanna let people know they are welcome in Portugal, it’s a super awesome and simple country and you should get lost here.

Also please people Skate for fun, use maximum security u can when dropping hills, I advise the use of walkie talkies that are very handy and can give you a safe and gnarly push on the run.

Wanna say a huge Thank You for those who keep me stoke! SALSITO HOUSEE!!! and huge thank you to my girlfriend that I share all my thoughts.

Keep Skating Have fun!