Skate Invasion: Playing “Golf” and How to be Ninja

One of Ontario’s best kept secrets are the rolling paths of the off season golf course. This year’s abnormally strange warm weather has left the paths dryer than ever before. It is a privilege to skate these paths and not our right. Therefore we must respect the land at all times in order to preserve it. My first time “playing golf” was with John Barnet in 2011. He basically blind folded me before bringing me to the motherland. We drool over one path here in Ontario and when I got to the motherland with 14 solid runs, my mind was blown. Now every year when the golf courses tent up and the signs say closed it’s time to battle paths till the snow hits the ground.


Always roll deep with a solid crew. Skate Invaders family 2015.

One does not blow the spot of the golf on the internet but is invited to come play 14 holes. It stays invite only to keep the groups small and the pack moving.  Like an ultimate game of hot lava, we stay ninja, leaving no stone unturned and no tree re-named.  For example, people who hit the trees are “immortalized” such as Bricks tree or Keenans face.  We leave nothing behind but the thane from our wheels to say we were here and one day we will return again.

Golf is a photographer’s wet dream.  Time is limited on the green and it can quickly disappears if you are not on your toes.  Don’t find yourself lurking in a spot for too long or else you will bait the scene. We get 1-3 hours on the course if we’re lucky.  Using our ninja skills we are constantly in motion, an unseen force moving swiftly and quietly through the trees.  If our spot is blown we leave instantly and hope to get another dry day before season ends.  This year I was determined to truly capture the level of gnar and top quality skating Ontario golf brings to the table. Armed with two cameras, a gopro, 3 hour sleep (from my night job), and willingness to create.  I was on a personal mission to make this the best season ever. These are my best photographs of golf invasion 2015 I hope you enjoy.


Matt “the dab” King making the “impossible” corner easy. He must have cheat codes on!


Local unknown shredders Logan Whyatt and Jesse Martin slaying with speed and style.


Brady Brown zooming by as Shawn Prier avoids the hot lava.


Tim Smith sending it hard in the paint. Large style and soul always.


Yung Andrew Flanagan sending it like there’s not tomorrow.


Shawn Prier always sending it hard and when he’s not in “the lava” he’s always ice ice baby.


Dexter Manning going full racecar mode at stairs.


Eric Mroz squats it like it’s hot.


Mathew Noseworthy kicking it out at mini Merry hill.


Eric Mroz just avoiding his creepy uncle on the path.  Shawn P has great relationship with trees.


Brady Brown driving his race care on the concrete wave.


Mathew Noseworthy styling quick right then left at a spot we called Chicane.


Tim Smith living the daydream at stairs.

Who know’s how long we will get to keep the keys to the garden of Eden.  Keeping a chill positive vibe with the locals has brought us four years of successful golfing. We don’t keep this spot a secret to be pretentious but keep the land safe and unharmed.  Many locals now know of its location but we all follow the code of the ninja and skate like there’s not tomorrow. Big thanks to Ontario scene for killing it in the 2015 season and keep skate invading the planet.