Skate[Slate] Longboarding Magazine Issue 27 – Winter 2015

Happy Holidays and soon to be New Year!

Issue 27 of Skate[Slate] Magazine has shipped out and should have been in your hands for the holidays. If you haven’t received it yet, let us know, but you can start reading now by downloading the issue on our mobile apps using the login information provided in the email when you subscribed or by checking out a digital subscription on your favourite device.

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It might be Winter, but so much has been happening. We’re stoked to bring to you another issue of Skate [Slate] Magazine and have a ton of awesome features for you.

This issue of Skate[Slate] magazine highlights a a bunch of incredible events happening all over the world with skating of all kinds. Nathan Harris and Les Robertson got soaked an had a great time at the Whistler Longboard FestivalWill Edgecombe and Jonathan Nuss go mash up and discuss Board Meeting in Toronot and Bristol; Alex Mof, usually making videos for Skate[Slate].TV took some photos at the Kamloops Longboard Park Birthday bash; and Max Capps shares his Pikes Peak IDF adventure along with Jon Huey and Max Dubler photos from the weekend.

Emily Pross is not only Women’s IDF 2015 Champion, she is also the highest ranking female in the open class and generally killing it with her own media and stoke. Skate [Slate]’s Cindy Zhou connected with Emily for our feature interview, Emily Pross, Downhill Prossecutor and gets the scoop on 2015’s leading lady and her 2016 plans.

One email can’t cover it all, so be sure to get your hands on a copy of the issue or download it to read it all! Be sure to check as well, we’ll be releasing some additional exclusive content from the issue over the next couple weeks.

In this issue:



Grab Bag

Hard Goods – What the best were riding at Pikes Peak.

Photo Serie5 – Radicals Fiesta with Skate[Slate] Japan

Check Out – Tanner Morelock and Khalil Dexter-Jadwat

Shutter Speed – Garret Creamer shot by Daina Banks

Real Talk – Skate Coach

Skate House Pages – Mauritz Armfelt kills it.

Finish Line – Max Wippermann


Wet’N’Wild – Whistler Longboard Festival

Emily Pross – Downhill Prossecutor

Board Meeting – Tale of two Board Meetings with Jonathan Nuss (Toronto) and Will Edgecombe (Bristol)

Kamloops Is Killing It – Canada’s First Longboard Park

Pikes Peak – A High Elevation Downhill Race


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— The Skate[Slate] Crew


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