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Show Us Your 2015 Best Nine #SKSInstaBanger Shots and Win!

Want to see what our @SkateSlate Best Nine Insta bangers were? We definitely want to see your Best Nine #SKSInstabanger photos of 2015!

Here’s the @SkateSlate #SKSInstabanger #2015BestNine:

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What did your 2015 look like on Instagram? If you’ve been on Instagram this week, you can’t miss all the homies sharing their top nine Instagram photos from the past year with the #2015BestNine tag. Here’s a few we found from around the insta-zone: Kevin Reimer always in the lead: @aerakrimes

Dexter Manning back on the east coast: @dexmanning

A photo posted by Dexter Manning (@dexmanning) on

Issue 24 Cover boy Levi Green: @levipurple


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We want to see your Best nine! We’re going to give away 3 enthusiast subscriptions to random lucky winners who make their 2015 Best Nine and post it to instagram tagging @skateslate and #SKSinstabanger so we can find it!

Here’s how to make your own:

1. Go to the site: It should look like this:

best nine screen grab

2. Enter your Instagram name and “Get” your Best Nine:

best nine screen grab 3

*Protip: be patient it could take a minute.

best nine screen grab 2

3. To save your photo, right click on the image and then click “Save Image As.” Then you can just share the photo as you normally would on Instagram.

skate slate best 9

*Protip: There’s also a “picture only version” of the photo that doesn’t include your handle or the hashtag that you can save, too. Just click the below link and then save that version of the image to your desktop.

*Final Protip: Best Nine is also good to check out any public Instagram account, so you can lurk your favourite brands or skaters too. Check out my account @the_papa_les


or maybe Jon Huey @HonJuey


or how about Max Dubler @maxdubler


Share your Best Nine and Win with the #SKSInstabanger tag!
Want to win one of those subscriptions we mentioned? Make your 2015 Best Nine and post it to your instagram account. Tag @skateslate and #sksinstabanger in the photo so we can find it. We will pick 3 random winners with the best photos selected by our judges over New Years here and make an announcement on Monday, January around 4:20pm PST. Winners will receive a one year Enthusiast subscription to Skate[Slate] Magazine.