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Original Skateboards 2010-2015 Fails Videos

With the end of 2015 we always get a throng of year end compilations, mashups, highlights and etc, but we only seem to get a few good fail videos every year. Who better to fail than Original Skateboards! With years of footage, hundreds of videos and millions of views, Original started digging into their stacks, and came up with 6 videos covering their skate-escapades turned crash, bail and fail spanning from 2010 to 2015, they’ve cut each video up to represent a full year of fails for your viewing pleasure.

Sit back, relax, enjoy the slams!

Part 1 – 2010

Part 2 – 2011

Part 3 – 2012

Part 4 – 2013

Part 5 – 2014

Part 6 – 2015