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10 Best Highlight Videos of 2015 So Far…

It’s the beginning of 2016 and that means everyone is taking their spare time to cut up footage for their year end, review, highlight, mashup, compilation etc. of all they’re best and worst clips.

A few points to note from 2015 and some resolutions for 2016 to up your game:

1. It was a good year – 2015 was awesome!
2. Naming and storing files will always suck. Everyone has their own genius way that works for them. Our hard drive looks like a sock drawer… nothing matches and there are holes in everything.
3. Somehow we always end up with entirely too many clips of nothing. And still have them all. Making it even harder to find what we want. Let the camera roll for skating, not just lurking. Keep the good stuff. B-roll is often a bunch of fun, but toss a few clips now and then. 
4. Focusing on how to focus would help reduce bogus clips, limit the chance of retakes. Closely related, it’s also time to turn off the autofocus pretty much always.
5. Owning a DSLR or Go Pro does not make anyone a filmmaker, but it does offer the ability to capture some memorable moments with little to no experience and a similarly small budget. It’s always worth a shot if you’re having fun, just know when to put the camera down and skate.

With that, we’re stoked to feature 10 of the Best Highlight Videos of 2015 we’ve found so far… For more Best of 2015 videos check the tag on Skate[Slate.TV.

In no particular order:

1. Alex McKenzie

2. Joey Exton


4. Equal Motion – Matt McDonald

5. Tactics Boardshop

6. The Homies Skate Media

7. No Coast Skate Highs

8. No Coast Skate Slams

9. Original Skateboards 2015 Fails

10. Tiki Alex

In case you missed it: Alex ‘Bad Decisions’ Ameen Best of Early 2015… Late 2015 is coming soon!

Bonus from the shorter side of boards – A Year In Review 2015: NHS, Inc.

We’ll have more 2015 highlights, best of, fails and bails coming out from Skate[Slate].TV shortly, so stay tuned!