Introducing the Cast Rogue Truck

The dudes at Rogue Trucks are proud to announce the official release of the Rogue Cast Truck.

The Cast Version of the widely acclaimed Rogue Precision truck is designed to make their unique features accessible to all riders. Built with the same geometry and design elements, the Cast trucks feel nearly identical to the precisions at a fraction of the cost.

– 48* baseplate angle
– 10″ width
– Tall Height Bushings (Sangria 90a)
– Insert Bushing Design
– Fully Compatible with all Precision Parts
– 2mm of rake

The Insert bushing design allows the Rogue truck to completely do-away with a traditional bushing seat, without compromising slop of a traditional longboard truck. Paired with a tall bushing design, Rogues really give you the deep lean our that team has been looking for since day one.


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