Omen Longboards Southern Comfort Tour – #omensocotour

Omen Longboards is headed from their home in Washington all the way to the King of Kona in Florida where they are presenting sponsor… the long way. Jumping in their trusty Omen Mobile Ruckus (peep the Omen Hauls Ass Tour for details) the sordid band of skaters is stoked to be on the road and headed to warmer pastures during the cold and dreary pacific northwest winter.

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The OMEN Southern Comfort Tour is underway and so far things have been incredibly interesting. They have a low-star cast of skate goons including Nate Blackburn, Cam Frazier, Alex Mof, Levi Green, Troy “Yardwaste” Grenier, and Dustin “Monkey” Ascheman heading to the King of Kona skate event in Jacksonville, Florida. We are going to be stopping at the Bayou Battle the weekend before the KING of Kona, so it makes for an awesome 3 week road-trip.

The crew left Seattle on January 2nd, and headed to the WJ Skatepark in Eugene, Oregon to get the #road2kona2016 started. Within about 30 minutes of being at the park Levi Green won a ride in an ambulance after slipping out in a bowl and hitting his head. Always wear your helmets kids! 

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Once they got to the hospital they found that Levi had a small crack in his skull, and that he would need to be monitored over the night. He’s okay, but knows how close it could have been to a finishing move. So the rest of the crew slept in the van in the hospital parking lot. The next day they woke up and drove to Mt. Shasta to meet up with Morgan Owens. In Mt. Shasta we were blessed with Morgan greeting us with beds, pizza, and cookies. Hanging out by the wood fire, they eventually all went to sleep and some of the crew learned a fun fact: Nate Blackburn and Troy Yardwaste both talk in their sleep and had sleep conversations throughout the evening. So that was weird, but weird things happen in Shasta, most of the locals attribute it to the Lumerians living in the Mountains. Next day they all got up, ate more cookies, and headed to the first hill. It was really fun until Nate got bricked within about 15 minutes of getting to the hill, #saddad.

This didn’t stop the rest of the guys from getting gnarly and ripping some sweet turns while the cameras were rolling, and Monkey got some sweet pictures. of the gang raging hard down a snow lined 1 lane road.

Leaving Shasta and headed down to LA to meet friends and pickup some extra goods need for the King of Kona, we’ll be hitting up their crew on the road along the way, so expect more updates.

Thanks to the homie Dustin “Monkey” Ascheman / Nwest Media for snapping all the exclusive photos on tour –

Every road trip is a little the same and a little different, so there’s always new things to experience along the way. Here is a list of good things the Mobile Ruckus has learned this trip, or would like to re-itterate for those who are planning to travel:

1. Dont get hurt Early in a long road-trip. It is inconvenient and you will be bummed.
2. Wear Helmets. Always. #sadtrain
3. Bring Wet Wipes, it is pretty much the closest thing to a shower you may get.
4. Live cheaply early, running out of money sucks at the end sucks.
5. Don’t wear something to skate in unless you are willing to have it cut off by paramedics.

Keep tabs on the omen road show with the tags #omensocotour and #road2kona2016. If you’re not signed up for the King of Kona, there’s still time! Get details here.