Check Out: Kahlil ‘Jahlil’ Dexter-Jadwat

Kahlil ‘Jahlil’ Dexter-Jadwat caught our attention with some rad parts in South Africa’s Grounded videos that made their way through the Youtube to Skate[Slate].TV. I was particularly stoked on his ‘Fuggen Bricks‘ part and we picked it as a feature for Skate[Slate] Magazine Issue 26’s Grab Bag segment and reached out to find out more. Kahlil was super to chat with and had some rad photos from Mark Callanan, so we decided to put together a Check Out feature for issue 27.


Full image from Skate[Slate] Magazine issue 27 Check Out Feature. Mark Callanan Photo.

The magazine only has so much space, so we had to trim the interview to fit. Kahlil killed it and with the help of Grounded’s Daniel Duval got us a video to go with his words and Mark’s photos. Here’s the full interview, some more photos from Mark Callanan and a fresh part from Grounded featuring Kahlil.


Name: Kahlil ‘Jahlil’ Dexter-Jadwat

Age: 20

Birthplace: Cape Town, South Africa

Current Home: Cape Town, South Africa

Years Skating: 5 years, Been on and off skating previously. But now its been 5 years being on a board and I don’t see myself coming off.


Sponsors: Valhalla Skateboards; Arbor Sucrose Initiative

Goofy or Regular: Regular

Split or Symmetrical: Split always! Paris Trucks 43 Back and 50 Front

Favorite Skater: Locally, it’s definitely Yannick Lussier. That homie is such a ripper and honestly is one best skaters in South Africa, plus he is just such a mellow dude. Internationally, its without a doubt Francis Cooper Darquae Mauro. He’s the reason I got so into Valhalla and watching all those videos with him pushed me to get better and go faster. He’s pretty much how I got to find my own style and confidence. Plus he is low-key my man crush.

Favorite Rider to Skate with: Locally its anyone from ZBB. International its got to be Cooper Darquae, Norman Plante, Ian Mcsherry or Quentin Gachot The dream run is with with those four.

Favorite Event: It has to be Riding Road Mountains (RRM). It was my first race and it honestly was the the best experience I’ve had. Meeting new skaters, sketchy and tight runs with homies and having an all round amazing time. Can’t wait to go back next year.


Favorite Food: Probably the butter chicken curry pizza i get from a local spot in town. But anything my mom makes is always good.

Favorite Drink: Coconut water with the little bits inside. Never gets old.

Boxers or Briefs: Boxers, freedom of my nether regions is something I cant give up.

Tea or Coffee: Both. Coffee in the morning, nothing better than Ricoffy two sugars. Tea in the evening to mellow the night out, also a warm cup of tea feels like a hug in my stomach. Best feeling before going to bed.


Future Plans: That’s something I wish was clear to me. I’m busy at University at the moment, but I have all these idealistic plans that I just want to materialize. My plans do involve getting over to the US so I can meet all the dudes up in that skate community. As well as meet all my fellow Valhalla and Sucrose teammates. I also want to head to Canada, there have been a lot of dudes hitting me up and have even offered me a place to stay if I ever go up to that side of the world, so I think it would be beyond rad if I got to skate with the homies there. Feels like I would have another family if reached the US and Canada.


Shoutouts: I’ve got to give a major shoutout to ZBB and everyone a part of it. ZBB is the skate team/collective I’m a part of. If they hadn’t have taken me in all that time ago i probably would have given up on skating. They’re the reason why I’m here. I have to thank Alex Ameen, he’s the guy the made me a part of the Valhalla family and I’ve got so much love and respect for him. Another thanks to Max Myers who has made me into a Sucrose Fiend. Shoutout to Boardhub, the local skate store who has been holding down the local skate scene for a long time! Also I must give a shoutout to Yusuf and David. Those were to two dudes starting skating with and although they have lost touch with it and we’ve gone our separate ways, I still hold our days spent making crappy videos down my road and skating as ‘Wolf Apache Cape Riders’ dear to me. Never going to forget those days.


On a more serious note. I owe everything to everyone here a part of the SA skate community as well as my friends and family. They have been the people that have pushed me to do better and have made me get out everyday and just skate.


Here’s the Fuggen Bricks part if you missed it too:

Big thanks to Kahlil, Mark Callanan, Daniel Duval and Grounded.

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