Arbor Whiskey Project :: New York City

The Whiskey Project’s Sean Imes, Jared Huss and Sid Melvin set sail in the big city of New York with this new installment from the Arbor Whiskey Project.
New York is unlike any city in the world. Every corner offers something new, whether it be an amazing skate spot or a mere glimpse of NYC’s diverse street culture. New York has this vibe which takes you back to being a little kid pushing down the streets for the first time. Where you’ll end up you have no idea, you just know where you end up will be the best time ever because your on your skateboard and you’re with your homies.


Sid Melvin

Grab a dollar slice and watch the Whiskey dudes as they take you exploring through the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Riders : Sean Imes, Jared Huss and Sid Melvin
Film : Chubbs and Jordan Tabayoyon
Edit : Jordan Tabayoyon



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