Ms. Monthly – What You Miss’d In December

Looking back, 2015 was an unforgettable year for women in sports. Everywhere you turned, the bar for women’s athletics was being raised and recognized. A women’s division was implemented in Street League Skateboarding, the US Women’s Soccer team won gold and received more attention and respect than ever before, Ronda Rousey and Holly Holms redefined what it meant to be a strong woman, and major brands like Nike, Under Armour, and adidas finally began to see value in women’s athletics and put money where their mouth is. Here’s to hoping 2016 will bring even more change in how we view women in sports, but until then, here’s what you miss’d in December.


Girls in Longboarding & LGC Netherlands rider Marte Bosma, collaborated to create some of the most visually appealing flatland images I’ve ever seen.

Marte Bosma hang tens with style through her local neighbourhood complex. Photo: Maria Arndt

Marte Bosma hang tens with style through her local neighbourhood complex.
Photo: Maria Arndt


Emily Pross officially announced her new board sponsor – Moonshine MFG – and accompanied the news with this banger ‘Welcome to the family’ edit.

Sylvia Mena released another grip-and-rip raw run down one of her favorite runs in Costa Rica. It’s always cool to see what types of roads there are across the world.

Chela Giraldo has been killing the Instagram skate game. She constantly puts out solid clips of downhill and fast freeride skating. Give her a follow @chelagiraldo

A video posted by Hella Chela (@chelagiraldo) on

In the world of freestyle and dancing, Deborah Keser continuously holds it down with fresh lines on her Instagram. Give her a follow as well @deborah_keser

A video posted by Deborah Keser (@deborah_keser) on

Finally, the influence of Longboard Girls Crew can really be seen in this grassroots edit from Barcelona. It’s great to see a new generation of girls hanging and having fun on their longboards.


With the IDF circuit completed, news for this month has slowed down dramatically. In parts of the world, outlaws and sanctioned country races are still occurring. In Argentina, the Valle Grande Downhill race occurred with Magda Blanc taking first, Romina Bessone second, and Agus Urquiza third. Julia Barlow also won a garage race against the boys in Utah called the Criss Cross Avalanche Death Match of Doom presented by Black Lab Slide Gloves.

January continues to bring exciting events including the Bayou Battle in Texas, King of Kona in Florida, the Golden Gate Park Race in San Francisco, and additional international outlaws in South America, South Africa, Southeastern Asia, and Australia.


Women’s media should continue to surge in the new year with emerging writers and media producers at fellow longboarding publications. Rachel Bagels Bruskoff is starting a new column with Wheelbase called ‘That’s What She Said’ and Candice Dungan will take the female reins at Concrete Wave. Last month, Candice also began a month long campaign for #Dressember, to raise awareness and funding to end child slavery and sex trafficking.

In Skate Slate news, Emily Pross took the cover of Skate[Slate] Magazine Issue 27 accompanied by a full length interview about becoming Womens IDF champion and her plans for the future. Cindy Zhou is on a Australian tour collecting media, skating, surfing and road tripping with native, Jenna Russo [featured photo]. Follow along on social media @iamcindyzhou (Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat).

Red Bull featured South African shredder and community builder, Gabi Murray-Roberts in their online publication the Red Bulletin. Take a read about how longboarding has influenced her life and how she gives back to the community that’s given her so much.


Gabi Murray-Roberts “Borderline Spiritual” – Red Bull

Finally, lots of ladies have traded in their longboards for skateboards, snowboards or surfboards during these winter / summer months. Don’t be afraid of the rain! Check out these tips from Moonshine MFG. on skating in the wet. If you can’t get outside and longboard, try shredding some indoor parks, mountain slopes, or ocean waves. Standing on some type of board is better than none at all!


Vanessa Torres sat down with Jenkem Mag to recount her battle with getting sober and stance on women in the skateboarding industry. Read the in-depth interview here. Vanessa and friends also take you around the skate parks of San Francisco in this fun edit.

Nora Vasconcellos breaks down backside airs for us as part of the X Games Trick Tip series.

Finally, Brandy Machado of Skate Like A Girl Portland, created this insightful short film about what a skateboarder looks like. Give it a quick watch!


I’m stoked I had the ability to interview Emily Pross for Skate[Slate] Magazine Issue 27 and she got the cover with a Max Dubler Photo! You’ll have to get a copy in print of download a digital issue on your mobile device. Here’s a look at the cover to get you stoked.



I know, I know. I probably missed a million and one things. Leave a comment below so that I don’t miss things next time around!