Skate[Slate] Japan Radicals Fiesta Photo Album

SkateSlate Magazine, Issue 27 featured a Photo Series on the Radicals Fiesta here in Japan. Landyachtz and Loaded combined their efforts to support Japan’s scene contributors, hometown host Tomo Shinoda (Kansai) and Ayumi Oride (Kanto), who worked diligently on event preparations for the event. I thought it would be good to share a few more of the shots we liked best from that day (in order that it all went down) and give you a bit more info on all the fun we’re having here with Skate[Slate].JP.

Getting to know each other.
The location for this event was offered to the Radicals Crew by government members of Kashiwara City. The Mount Shigi area is an hour from Shin-Osaka Shinkansen station (Speed Train) so it is a ripe location for an event that has potential to grow in size. Aside from it being a convenient spot to thrash, it also had ideal terrain surrounding it for a future DH Race Event hopefully too.

Landyachtz rider’s Nick Hurley and Billy Meiners made the trip from North America. It was Nick’s first time being so far from home, but skateboarding makes it all feel right.Nick and local gromphenom Miyuki Sakaguchi hit it off early and the two skated in the parking lot for a bit before getting the green light on the slope.

There was 2 sections splitting up the advanced and intermediate riders. This separation only lasted for the morning part of the day. Most of the advanced riders helped the newbies with their slides and stopping techniques. This is always nice to see.

Skating the day away with Japan’s skilled riders.
With introductions and safety meetings out of the way (every rider had a helmet!), the event got going and things popped off. There’s no real need for captions for this set of shots, you can get the feel from the skating, but I added a few anyways for your info. I was personally impressed by how much everyone was skating and all day. Some people got burnt from the intense sun, including Nick. Billy set up a few games and people won schwag. The advanced section was really pretty fast and anyone who could was busting out long ass slides! Everyone commented on how much fun it was. I am sure this day won’t soon be forgotten as it reminds me of good times in Vancouver when these scene was still smaller and growing.

Piñata Bash and smash.
Having a piñata to bash after our lunch break was probably the best idea of the day. There was definitely a steady flow of laughter from this little episode. The unicorn piñata was surprisingly tough to crack and riders ended up giving up – semi out of breath. I hammered it 5 times and then stopped because I thought I was gonna bust it open and didn’t want to be that guy. Nope, 10 riders later and it still didn’t bust. This is a great way to give out some swag and make it fun for everyone no matter their skill level.

Super Officially Official Awards.
The awards ceremony was really neat and pretty official. Local Mayor Ryuji Nakano and City Council Member Masahiro Fuke stopped in to talk to us. The honorable Nakano-san is a surfer and appreciates boarding sports enthusiasts and their communities and it was him who offered this amazing location. He wanted us to know there would be support in the future. It’s recommended to plan for Japan next September!

Eat, smile and share the stoke.
At this point I retired my camera. Right after the banners came down dinner was being prepared. Lunch, Dinner and the following days breaky was delicious. The Japanese do it right!  Ayumisan and Maisan, good job!  The early evening meal was an all you can eat yakiniku cookout.  I say all you can eat because there was so much food.  It couldn’t be called a fiesta without quesadilla’s on the grill so the organizers busted out tortilla’s and cheese. The next day Billy took the flipper and made pancakes. Local fresh grapes were also a plenty. One skate crew from Hyogo made everyone a big batch of coffee too.

After all the food and some rest, the next day we left around noon and headed into the city for some fun.

To understand the synergy of everyone working together you’ll have to come here. The collaborative effort for everyone to share the responsibility of everything from the event to a delicious and hearty breakfast after was an analogy to the way the DH Skate Community is growing here – sharing the responsibility and the success. To read up a little more on this check out Skate[Slate] Japan – The Gaijn Report I wrote previously.

Billy wrote up a little photo log on the Landyachtz Blog and Ayumi did the same on the Loaded Blog. I recommend giving them both a look. Here’s 3 things Billy learned in just one instagram post:

  1. Japanese Culture is Rad
  2.  Locals are friendly
  3. They know how to skate!

I couldn’t agree more!

Special thanks goes out to Funwaves Skateshop in Chigasaki for their shwag donations & Hyogo Longskate Crew for making the Trip and helping out. Until we skate again! A photo posted by Billy Meiners (@billy_bones) on Sep 6, 2015 at 7:38pm PDT

Radicals Crew would like to thank Loaded Boards and Landyachtz Longboards for their support on this event and Billy and Nick for making the long trip to visit. It looks like it’s just the beginning and it would not have been possible without the help of scene supporters like them.

Thanks for reading! And please check out Skate[Slate].JP for more on these scene.