Getting To Know Josh Neuman

We’ve been covering some of the Best of 2015 highlight videos the past couple weeks and recapping all the good from the past year. Hot on the list is Josh Neuman. Riding Paris Trucks, team manager and homie Ryan Ricker shared his video and got us stoked. We’re always on the look out for young guns coming up and Josh is definitely on the radar. So is Josh’s home of North Carolina. Maybe the hottest state in downhill this year.

So please, get to know Josh Neuman, peep his 2015 recap video and keep your eye out for more from him, North Carolina and NCDH in 2016!

Hey Josh! Thanks for sending us your video. Looks like you had a great 2015. Tell us a bit more about yourself?

Hey Les! Yes I have had a super awesome 2015 and I’m super stoked for 2016. Also I am a 16 year old kid born in raised in a town called Waxhaw, NC (just south of Charlotte).


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How did you get on a board? Was downhill the first kinda of boarding for you?

I have been skating for about 4 years now and the reason I first got on board was because I saw kids around my neighborhood skating around and I thought that it looked real cool. Downhill was the first kind of boarding for me. I always want to push myself to go faster.

2014 recap…

You’ve put up a few video over the years, but really turned it up in 2015? What’s good with skating and filming for you?

In 2015 I really stepped it up with traveling places to skate as well as filming. I feel like what really kicked off my 2015 was when I got support from These Wheels back in early spring and then I ended up going to California for a week in the summer. Also I got my drivers license in August so from then on it was much easier to travel anywhere I wanted to skate.

In case you missed it above, 2015 recap, one year later…

Drivers License is key. Just watch out or you’ll have a job before you know it! What are your favorite 3 videos you posted from 2015?

I think my favorites have to be a video called Coastal Toti, the Santa Gnarbara 3 riders 3 roads series and the Comet Skateboards Slaughterhouse video.

Who are you favourite filmer/editor/video crews on youtube? Or who do you want a video with?

My favorite group is for sure Santa Gnarbara and I would really like to film a video with Tom Flinchbaugh next time I’m out in California.

What 3 riders get you stoked when they have edits or raw runs come out? Or do you have 3 favourite videos?

I haven’t really thought of that much but one person’s raw runs that for sure get me stoked are Norman Plante‘s. Also a kid from NC named Garrett Gourley had some insane footage dropping over the summer.

What are the roads like in your hood? Can you keep it close to home and skate safe or do you have to leave town? Cops?

Roads in my area typically don’t get the cops called but they are not the fastest or longest roads either so I typically leave town on the weekends and head up to the NC mountains.

Bailey Winecoff Photo

Bailey Winecoff Photo

Do you have a bucket list for roads / runs to skate and film on?

I honestly have not even thought of that yet. I would really like to skate some of those roads in the Swiss Alps for sure. Also here in NC there are countless number of insane runs, many of which have not even been found or skated yet and I have only skated a few of the good ones so I’m definitely stoked to hopefully get the chance to skate and film on roads that have never been skated before.

Goofy or regular:


One board or full quiver? What’s your go to setup like?

One board. Arbor Liam Morgan, Paris Savants, and then I switch off between K-Rimes Stage 2s and Byron Essert Wheels. The companies I currently ride for are These Wheels, Paris Truck Co., and G-Form.

Do you hit up events or just skate for fun?

A bit of both. I got to events when there is one in NC and also events like Central Mass.

Favorite food:

Mellow Mushroom BBQ Chicken Pizza.

Favorite drink:


Boxers or briefs:


What do you have planned for 2016 now that you’ve wrapped up 2015?

I definitely would love to get back out to California again and hit up some more events that are not just east coast events as well. Other than that I have no idea what will happen.

Thanks for the chat Josh. Nice to get to know you. Shout outs?

Anytime Les! And you too! I have a couple shout outs to make. First of all huge shoutout to my parents and sponsors for supporting me so far. Another shoutout goes to the follow car drivers that film for me, Jacob Hales and Matt Ellison (thanks for not killing me!). Also my last shout out is to North Carolina Downhill (NCDH). They are a super cool group of awesome people out of Boone, NC and if you haven’t already, check them out on Instagram @northcarolinadownhill.


@josh_neuman just dropped his 2015 video and we highly suggest you check it out. The link is in our bio.


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