EAT SHIT: The Venom DVD – Available Now!

You’ve seen the Venom EAT SHIT trailers, now the long awaited Venom DVD, EAT SHIT, is finally available world wide. Featuring the likes of Zak Maytum, Justin Rolo, Billy Bones, Max Dubler, and the rest of the Venom team, EAT SHIT is a already renowned classic for anyone who made it out to any of the 36 premiers across the globe.



The 51:50 full-length video is mostly downhill skateboarding, with a side of whatever other dumb shit goes on behind the scenes with the Venom team on a regular basis. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might even feel a bit queasy at some points. But that’s okay, you won’t remember it if you play the drinking game anyways… Now available at:

Featured team riders include:

– Zak Maytum
– Justin Rolo
– Aleix Gallimo
– Max Dubler
– Pagans of the High Country
– Aaron Hampshire
– Kula The Viking
– Billy Bones
– And everyone else we can’t think of right now

Featured locations include:
– Colorado
– Italy
– Southern California
– The BSM house
– Norway
– Venom Warehome 1.0
– Utah
– Switzerland
– Portland
– And a shitload of other places

Finally, we’d like to thank the following shops and crews for kicking ass and supporting us in hosting an EAT SHIT premier for their local scenes:

– BoardLife in Denver
– Xtreme Board Shop Glendora in Glendora, California
– Subsonic Skateboards in Seattle
– Longboard Haven in Montreal
– Action Boardshop in Michigan
– Flatspot Logboard Shop in Vancouver
– Fulkit Skateboards in France
– Akron Sun Valley in Ohio
– MXKskate in Minnesota
– Radich Tattoo and Kula the Viking in Norway
– Patrick Quinn and the Nebraska crew
– Black Squrl Skate in Wisconsin
– Switch People Skateboard Shop in Spain
– Tom Campbell and the Brianne Collective in London
– Team Mids
– Adrenalina Longboard Shop in San Diego
– Scottsdale Skatehouse in Arizona
– Pearse D’Arcy and the Ireland crew
– Bombsquad Longboards in Texas
– Waterboyz Surf and Skate Shop in Florida
– Burning Spider Stoke Company in Kansas City
– Comet Skateboards in New york
– Krzysiek Powierża and in Poland
– Kaina Skateshop in Spain
– Jacks Boardhouse in Oregon
– Boardsport Finland
– Passion Boardshop in Wisconsin
– Duarte Rocha and the Portugal dudes
– Gregor Macdonald and the Halifax crew
– Drang Longboards in Utah
– Sickboards in the Netherlands
– Mudjimba Cruisers in Queensland, Australia
– SBDW Longboard Shop in Hong Kong
-Insanity Boardshop in texas
– Timm Becker and Boneless skateshop in Munich, Germany
– Cameron Frazier and the King of Kona dudes in Florida



– The Venom Team